Killer Instinct:Ultra Ender Instinct Cancels

Hi my name is barclay, I been playing since Season 1 and have suggestion for KI Season 3.Bring Back Ultra Ender Instinct Cancels they make the KI More Fun With devastating long Ultras while doing a character’s Ultra.I feel when IG took This Out it made Ultras highly Boring with less style potential.

Do you have a video to show what you are talk g about? I’m confused can anyone else translate ultra ender cancels?


I think they took this out, because Characters like Sadira could do an infinite Ultra combo with Instinct.

So it’s Sadira’s fault! Lol! I thought it was Glacius. I thought the enders were cool none the less.

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why not get back this ultras and add an ultra breaker like KI2-KIGOLD ??

That’s What Makes Ending KI Matches Fun IMO Its Not Worth Taking It Out Game Completely. S2 Ultras was the Best.

:thinking::rage: Smdh