Killer Instinct Trailers


What’s your favorite character trailer. Personally, I like the ones with some story combined with epic music. Here’s my tier list. I really like Arbiter’s in particular. Just sweet. General Raam plus the early season 1 characters had weak trailers though.


Riptor because Riptor.

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Sadira is too low. Her trailer was hype.

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Kilgore is lower. He doesn’t even have a trailer haha.

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Although I’m not as big a fan of Hisako’s character design as most seem to be, I find it hard to argue that she doesn’t have the best KI trailer. It’s really well done and has a different aesthetic than most of the others.


Hisako and Aganos are S tier. Maya’s is up there too, due to the godlike track and some extremely solid cinematography (the shot with the leap kick and birds rising was :ok_hand:t5:). Tusk’s is also S tier, as was Aria’s. Hisako’s was definitely the best though.

Some other standouts that I’d put in A are TJ, Arbiter, and Gargos. Sadira’s was pretty solid for a S1 trailer, but might just be a B for me.

Riptor’s was very creative, but I remember the commercial aspect of it more than anything else.


Also, I don’t know how you can put Shadow Jago over some of the people in A-tier. Spinal’s trailer is worse than Shadow Jago’s? Omen? I feel like I need to hear the reasoning behind this choice.



Sadira… trash… you’re dead to me. :crying_cat_face: :joy_cat:

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I just like Shadow Jago’s trailer due to the little nod to the community. Plus that Ultimate. That made it great to me. It also had the hype factor. I joined KI around mid Season 2 so I never experienced the Spinal trailer live. Spinal is on the same tier as Omen. The left or right aspect doesn’t mean one is better than the other. I like them both.

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Kan-ra is ultra tier.

Probably the best IMO.


Shadow lord bless you

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I gotta be honest, my favorite one is probably the “Jago” one. I mean, it didn’t really say much about him exactly, but the “Coming to your home in 2013 only on Xbox One!!” line still gets me amped up. I probably watched that thing like 50 times, no exaggeration.


First KI trailer revealed at E3 2013 was very amazing. When I watched the trailer on YouTube at my church where my father used to work there, and I was quickly fascinated after Glacius appears in his intro. It made me really want to buy Xbox One console and play ice man in new fighting game that I never heard before. I named Glacius “ice man” before know what is his name. lol

Glacius is one of the reasons why I bought Xbox One console.

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Sadira and Maya in the trash tier, Kev? What on Earth…

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I don’t really like Sadira and Maya’s trailers, they are not very excitable to me. It’s just meh… Sorry bro

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Sadira’s trailer had too many cuts.


I feel like the Maya trailer really needs sound to be truly appreciated, so that’s what I’m gonna chalk that up to Kev…

Still - bad Kevbones! SwiftRage


But… But… but didn’t you notice that Hisako’s trailer is part of awesome tier?..


Irrelevant. The rightful placing of the Hisako trailer does not offset the shameful placing of the Maya one :triumph:

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