Killer Instinct Tournament for people new to the game

Hi, I’m Jeramy Burke and I’m running a killer instinct tournament for people who are new to the game and want to get better. It shows to be very fun. And its taking place online, august 20th at 10pm. If you want to join contact my Xbox profile hyperpyro12345 for more details.


@CriticalSix4677 - something you might be interested in?

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10 pm what time?

You are not new…


No, but it’s still pertinent to know the timezone.

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What time zone?

Sorry, your original phrasing was killing my soul.


Oh time zone. Nvm XD my bad sorry about that @DulXboxOne

Thanks buddy

Central time

I wont be participating.

my xbox live profile is hyperpyro12345 contact me on xbox if you want to join!!

What time is that in GMT?


Ive entered a tournament like this a year ago and by the time it started several top players entered and ignored the “Beginners idea”. Waterhorses being one of them and a few others from here I wont mention.

Good idea though…I hope you can pull it off for the newer players to enjoy!

well thats simple, whom ever contacts me i look at there profile and decide if they can join or not. for instance im not participating because i have 12 days clocked in on the game and im a killer leauge

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Thanks. I like to stay up late but that’s too late.

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Why is Rash banned?

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had a huge debate with friends and thats what it was lead to