Killer Instinct TAG GAME MODE

I had this idea yesterday maybe im not the first one but I would like to share it with the community and build together the ideas for an hypotetical game mode. I think that something like this would give an awesome game like KI a longer life. Lets make it real.

You are indeed not the first person to come up with this idea and while I admire your enthusiasm, the chances are slim to none. It has been discussed before and the general consensus is that it would be pretty unlikely.

However, what do you propose we do to make it real? Maybe a petition or a message to the devs? If you have any cool ideas with it, feel free to share :blush:

I’m on board. I just hope that whatever is stopping the devs from doing something like this isn’t because of a technical limitation because that would shoot down any possibility of it happening.

Thanks for your comment, what I wanted to say with ‘‘lets make it real’’ is that maybe if devs see that enough people likes the idea theyll make it real.

I know, and I know its not easy but just adding a move that bounces the enemy against the ground would create the tag opportunity and new juggle possibilities. For example pressing LB+RT.

If it happens it may have to be Scorpio only.

Folks will be sour

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