Killer Instinct Should Have an Extended Universe

KI has a big and rich universe which is perfect for having shared stories.

A lot of the individual characters feel like they can have individual games. Sabrewulf in particular can have a story in the style of The Order(PS4) but actually about monsters and not just wulves. The League of Legends Warwick video comes to mind.

Not only should KI characters should be in the extended universe but other franchises as well. Perfect Dark also has a futuristic setting with aliens and can easily be set in the KI verse with an Ultra Tech presence.

Another series that also can be in the KI verse is Shadow Run. There is magic, elf’s, orcs, vampires and it’s all about infiltrating huge organizations like Ultra Tech. It can easily be added as lore that Orchid was once a Runner.

It would serve as a means of cross promotion and would make for a cool shared world. Each of these games have a theme of tech, monsters, and magic, why not put them together.


Well the Comics area a start! But I agree it could be so much more but who would take the risk to make a KI game that isnt a fighting game? I dont think they would take that risk.

If the risk is that big, then I’ll respect those who decided to not play it safe.

I think KI franchise needs a one more successful sequel before doing extended universe. Not many people know about KI existence, let alone lore.