Killer Instinct shirts

I’m actually not sure where this topic goes so forgive me for not making it in the correct category, but I have been wondering where to find those KI raglan shirts, or if they are even available to the general public.

I know this one can be bought from Ultra Arcade but the one I’m talking about just has the KI logo on it. Can’t find any pictures on the web, I’m sure you know the one, though. I’ve seen some of the pros wear them and some of the devs as well, so once again I’m not sure if it’s more of a prize for doing well or being part of the team but any clarification would be appreciated

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This one, right? Found the picture on the KI twitter

Yes, that’s the one.

It’s not for sale to the general public. Only way to obtain them is through giveaways or winning contests at events. But, make sure you keep telling them you want this shirt! With enough demand, they may make that happen :stuck_out_tongue:

Shame because that shirt is a thousand times better than anything in the current store.


Better than Sabrewulf socks? Not even close.