Killer Instinct Season 4 hinted in TDB_Ki4Life stream 2/11/17

Here’s the link: at the 35 second mark you here the female announcer say what would you like to see in a KI Season 4 and a link for some microsoft store to leave your comments.


I can’t make out the link the lady says for the microsoft store. If anyone finds it, repost it so we can give our opinions.



Hmmmmmm :smirk: :neutral_face:

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I’ve been hoping for a season 4, hopefully this is legit.

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I’m skeptical. Unless confirmed by the dev team.

I mean she’s works for Microsoft so…

Still… Hypotetical.

Well that reduces the skepticism abit. But then again, that would explain what the survey is for.

She could’ve said it this way: “what would you like to see in the future of Killer Instinct?..” Because if i remember taking the essays, one or two questions would ask what would we like to see ‘in the future’ of KI and not a 4th season. Remember, IG didn’t say they’re not making another season though not confirming they’re making it. Plus, they did lie about Eyedol not coming to Season 3.

So why did she say Season 4?
But hey! That’s just a theory! A POST THEORY!

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The audio is from the tourney at the MS Store in NYC. It was live on Beam instead of Twitch.

Interesting find…not sure if it’s a true hint to anything, but, interesting nonetheless.

Anyone have a link to the Beam Tourney?



That girl is just a commentator, sideline reporter type chic… I seen her on the last KI pro tour stream and she doesnt know much about the game. Im sure she is just “making conversation”. Kind of fake it till ya make it type situation.

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Nice. Sweet. Neato :slight_smile:

To be honest it does seem kind of unrealistic. We have two off season character reveals ahead of us, stacking S4 on top of them would be… weird.



Did you also forget the part where they said they have outgrown the seasonal model?

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