Killer Instinct Season 3 Supreme Edition Bug

I bought KI Supreme Edition during season 2 and got rid of my xbox before Season 3, but I recently bought a new computer that can run KI, so I downloaded it and logged into the same account I bought the Supreme Edition, after it finished downloading, I got on and had all the characters, except all of the season 3 characters, I still have the benefits of the Supreme Edition, the retro costumes and free accessories for the characters, but still no Season 3 Characters, I checked the bundles section, and I can’t redownload the supreme edition, but I can buy the season 3 pack, do I not have them because the supreme edition only gives me the characters from season 1 and 2 If I bought it in season 2, or is this a bug?

I’m confused. You bought the Season 2 “Supreme Edition”?

In season 2 you could only by the “Ultra edition,” or the “Combo Breaker” pack. When S3 dropped that is when they introduced the “Supreme Edition,” which included all the content from all 3 seasons.

I’m not sure, I think its the supreme edition, when I go to bundles, the supreme edition is there but it says the price is $ERROR and the title of it is “Nil” so I’m not sure if that means I already purchased it, but I remember spending at least $60.00 on a pack during season 2 that included all the characters and KI 1 and 2

I did a quick Google search, and the only bundle I could find that may have met the criteria you put above is the “Killer Instinct Complete Collection.” That bundle got you everything in KI up through the end of S2.

So yeah, if you bought that edition before S3, you would still need to put money down for all the NEW S3 content. If you really haven’t played the game yet, you may be able to call MS customer service and convince them to upgrade you to the actual “Supreme Edition,” which would include everything including the S3 content.

Note: even with that bundle, you would still need to purchase Shadow Jago, and you also wouldn’t get access to the “Definitive Edition” skins for Gargos, or the new skins that are coming out this week.

Ok, thanks for your help, but that still raises the question, why am I not able to buy the supreme edition, its just an error for me.

right now you can’t buy any pack in the ingame store. it seems they’re changing things in preparation for the release of the Definitive Edition on PC.