Killer Instinct Season 3 Graphics Shine Brighter



14 character season?

That’s really disappointing : (


Looks great also it makes seeing the smaller details on the characters easier.:smile:

While this is a bit disappointing, a stage per character is not my main wish. It could mean more of something else, and if it’s between new or improved modes, more / better characters, new costumes / accessories or more stages… I’d definitely rather it be any of the first three.

Oh, I forgot to respond to main announcement… Hehehe:
The lighting does look much more subtle and gives off a grittier, darker feeling while making characters stand out more cleanly. Great work!

So… assuming 8 or 9 new characters when Season 3 is all said and done… but… 3 stages total? Thinking further, I imagine no stages for guests. Tusk must have a stage. That’s a curve ball indeed.

One more edit, I really am impressed with these overhauled stages, but here come the threads about only 3 stages. :grin:

Ignoring the assumptions on characters for now, but yes 3 stages total.

This is so much better!

Hopefully less stages means more characters. :ok_hand:

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I’m sorry?

Season 3 has only three stages?

Am I understanding this correctly?

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only 3 stages for the entire season 3 roster??? Sky stage confirmed?!?

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I think Rukk means “As of Right Now”. 3 Stages Total launching with S3.


Don’t you give me the James Goddard treatment. When I say 3 stages in Season 3, that’s what I mean. Also Shadow Jago is the only character with an Ultimate.


This is either a super troll or a super brick of news.


Interesting choice here. I wonder what else this implies for S3…

I may troll around teasing news and information, but when it is written on the site, there is no trolling. What’s written is factual.

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I am curious to see what the trade off for fewer stages is but regardless it seems like an odd choice. Individual stages added a ton of personality to the characters. It’s going to absolutely suck to lose them.

It also changes things up from a value proposition as well. Buying the character got you the stage, so that will have to be replaced with something as well.

3 stages? That’s mean we will see rash’s stage! Wait…

1- Rash
2- Kim Wu
3- Arbiter



I just got even more hyped.