Killer Instinct podcast/panel with with Keits, Jebailey, UA|Brandon and UA|Bass (Daily Dot)

Excellent panel featuring @TheKeits and @GoogleMyName, as well as Brandon, who’s hosting KI Cup, and currently the best Spinal player, Bass:

It would have been cool to see @TempusChaoti participate in this as well, but still awesome nonetheless.

Lots of informative stuff in here.


“Glad you called, I just finished nerfing all your characters.”
@TheKeits Savage and Sassy as usual, I see?
Liked this podcast/stream thing. Was a fun watch an a fun listen. Makes me a bit apprehensive about even trying to get into high level play, but it was still interesting to hear some perspective from some of the Top Brass.

Very good show. I listened to it last night. I wish I could have listened lived, I would have called in!

It was nice to hear Keits talk about the game again…really looking forward to Saturday.

Sad to hear Paulb isn’t going to the KIWC. :sob:

Isnt there a podcast tonight as well?

What podcast are you referring to?

Supposed to be one with Max, Sajam, LCD, and others in preparation of WCup. I thought it was Thursday night at 7pm? Was announced 2 weeks ago.

EDIT…I just looked it up…last Thursday the 21st…damn, I missed it! I wonder if there is a replay?

I wonder the same thing. LCD was doing it, but he curiously hasn’t been / doesn’t put a lot of the KI event stuff that he does up on his channel. I’m still waiting to watch the last couple KI Top 32 tournaments.

I think he is. I was tuning in to some KI streams during work and he was on live. There was a $500 donation thing and something about him being able to go. He still has to schedule everything, but he has the budget now, it would seem. Don’t know if there’s an archive you can check for that.

When was this? He said he wasn’t going like 2 days ago.

Today, like 12 hours ago.

Cool. I want him to go, and I want him to do well.

I swear, lol, the closer we get to KIWC, the more I kick myself for not being able to go.

I really liked this format, getting a different kind of format from a semi mainstream site with good moderators.

Nice conversation going on, it was cool to hear these kinds of perspectives outside each respective persons’ company. The call in feature was really nice.

Last night he was streaming and it was titled “Help PB get to KIWC”…so he was trying

Wow! What a great show! I really liked how it was like an ESPn show. Ill def watch this guy again!

They do them every week. Ususally they go in most in depth about Capcom games / Street Fighter, but they talk about all the major tournaments and scenes to varying degrees. When something big is going on though, they go in pretty in depth what ever the game / scene.

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I thought the guy on the right was keits!!!
This is so hype! Saturdaywill be awesome