Killer Instinct on Xbox live news and more

I thought this was interesting… and a much needed push from MS…finally! I hope there is much more were this came from.

Also more discussions of KIWC from Ultra Chen…I really believe he is liking KI more each day! He seems more hyped on KI than SF!

Killer Instinct Mini’s!


Good stuff. And it was the lead - before things like the Halo X games championship.

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after 2 seasons KI are getting more attention by ms? Meh…

Well I agree its definitely not enough…but at least it is something! At least they are on the score board now!

I saw these too! Really pleased. Ive been DM phil spencer about the lack of coverage of KI

Ive managed to get him to RT quite a bit too that helps numbers

I think one of his retwreks was over 70k inpressions on twitter!

Werr getting there guys!

what is DM? I know what RT is but lost on the DM

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DM= Direct message

Aaah, this is like the begining of the 90`s, where we were to busy to say full words…

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ok,I use the term PM…so now I know. I dont use twitter much…Im more of a FB guy…but I really wish myspace was still a thing LOL

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NOOO twitter is amazing!!! Love my twitter FAM

My idols all communicate i love it! Its inspirational

Direct msg is what everyone on twitter seems to say.

Plus i got free tomb raider from mr spencer lol and loads of betas. Btw @fallofseraphs76 did u want a beta code for this?

Sure! I love playing betas and demos! Ive been playing the crap out of MK X beta and played Dying Light demo last night…wow that game is pretty cool!

Ill msg u the code gimme a sec.

Sounds awsome! Love my xbox too :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: