Killer Instinct Omega mode + playing older versions of characters?

In Ultra Street Fighter 4 you are able to play as older versions of characters before Ultra street fighter 4 like how certain characters played in Super Street Fighter 4 and Vanilla Street Fighter 4

Not only that but Capcom had introduced ‘Omega mode’ in Ultra street fighter 4 which to summarise is:
new moves and changes to each character which is something done for a little bit of fun and where balance doesn’t matter…Omega mode (and the other modes) cannot be used online unless in a custom lobby.

So why not Killer Instinct have something similar, I think it would be absoultly fantastic

Here is an example:

For older versions of characters -

.Fulgore can be selected to play like his season 1 self (with the SNK reactor), 41% hype beam and the triple fireballs

.Another being Wulf being able to play as his season 1 self having the crazy backdash and all

.You can selet season 2 spinal with the draining skulls

Omega mode -

Omega mode Cinder would be like KI1 Cinder with the invisibility, to go through projectiles and has the flame fist

Omega mode Fulgore could have his Classic Reflector as well as having his jumping air laser from KI2

Omega mode Orchid would have her projectile (lasaken?? or something), same goes for Sabrewulf

and the new characters could have something completely creative


Balance is not something to be considered for these mode - these are not allowed in tournaments or online ranked matches for example

It wont be called ‘Omega mode’ it can be called something else

So thoughts???

There are a lot of people who pitched this idea when season 2 was on the way, and it didn’t happen. Namely you’re trying to maintain multiple versions of a character, each with their own different coding, and it introduces a ton of bugs into the mix. For stability’s sake, it’s better there is only a single version of each character.

The rainbow and vanilla edition ideas where kind of a fun idea, but more technically challenging than the would be probably worth.


I’d like to see this happen towards the end of KI’s life. The more granular you can be with version select (e.g. launch Maya, then subsequent iterations of Maya which toned down her dirt) the better. It’s hard to tell how much work it’d be to bring each of those versions to life, hopefully the engine would be in a place where the need to do extensive animation work and whatnot is minimal. I wouldn’t expect a lot of QA and maintenance for this stuff if it happened, either, so weird hitbox interactions and whatnot would just have to be lived with.

My Most Honest Opinion about this topic:

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I think the @developers already shot this idea down a while back because they didn’t want to split up the playerbase. Something about how they wanted to make sure everyone was playing the same version of the game I’m the same ecosystem. That’s why they added crossplay/crossbuy to the PC port as well, if I remember right.

On one hand, I’d be loathe to deal with a player who came into a tournament and demanded to play as S1 Wulf or launch TJ or something – and I realize that there at least exist people who might want to get S1 competitive play off the ground again because they want to ignore the combo system or not deal with the manual hitstop, for example. That said, I don’t get the impression that USFIV tournaments were having a lot of trouble with people coming in wanting to play Vanilla Gief or whatever, so maybe the fears surrounding this are overblown.

I stand by the idea that this’d be a cool thing to do at the end of KI’s lifespan. I don’t like the idea that several iterations of each character are now lost to history unless some dedicated fan has been backing up images of each build.

I don’t see tis happening simply because of the scope of what will be required to bring those back.

While I get lots of people mis S1 Fulgore I do sometimes but at the same time I’ve adjusted and have only gotten better with Fulgore as he grows.

Characters get nerfed, the game chances, everyone deals with it.

omega mode ideas:

everybody gets fireballs, like in KI 1.

Proper high altitude finishers, some Ultras take 5 to 10 seconds for the opponent to fall from the sky

Ultras can be done at anytime in the second round.

Unbalanced tag team mode

Taunting refills instinct meter
Teabagging during a hard knockdown refills shadow meter