Killer Instinct Omega (Fan Comic)

Killer Instinct Omega is a fan comic project that I am developing.

The story takes place a few years after the current KI game. It fallows Jago, Orchid, TJ Combo, Tusk, Maya, Kim Wu, Thunder and Fulgore/Eagle, after he destruction of Ultra Tech. WIth Ultra Tech gone and and Aria dead, three of Ultra Tech’s rivals join forces and rise to power. Delta Corp, and Advanced robotics company, Mortem Inc. a military compand based on developing war machines and high tech weapons as well as advenced soldier training, and Techno Labs, a scientific company that experiments in genetic as well as artificial-genetic sciences. With their combined strength they now rule the earth, and they have recently re-launched the Killer Instinct Tournament. Now our heroes must stop this new threat be entering the tournament and stopping this new megapower. They will face new enemies and have a few new allies assisting them, as well as old enemies rising again to destroy the earth.

New characters will include an Aquatic Gillman, A Spartain Warrior made of stone, a Gorgon, a giant Gorilla with a robotic arm+wrecking ball, a Vampire, Roxy Rave (Orchid’s Partner) and many more. There will also be some cameos from characters from other Rare and Microsoft characters (Such as Rash and Joanna Dark). People will be able to submit Original Character designs for background appearances, adding them to the un-official KI cannon.

If you want Gargos in the Comic, I’ve got good news. Gargos and Eyedol will appear as allies, along with four new Demon Warlords with the same purpose, Earth’s destruction.

If there is anyone willing to assist in this project, please PM me. I am looking for artists to make the comic and a one or two people to assist with the story (I will be the main writer).

Please contact me if interested.

Here is the main facebook page.


There were some people who were interested in the comic on the old forums. I didn’t know if anyone from that old post were currently here. I’m still working on the comic.

Still looking for people who are interested.

Please, I need assistance to make this story a reality.

Keeping my eye on this. See, I think you’ve got some good Ideas here, however I think your cast of main characters Is a bit large. It’s not impossible to write that many main characters at once in fact it’s been done many times before. The problem is that it’s hard. Really hard. And if it’s done incorrectly, your story can feel messy and overwhelming for the reader. My suggestion it to stop and think about who would do well in the foreground, and who could take a backseat.

With that in mind, it could even give you the opportunity to dish out some serious character deaths in the beginning of the story to grip your audience and show them you mean business.

Some characters will be dead. Spinal and Hisako will be back to rest, Orchid killed Sadira, all Riptor units will be extinct, Aria will be shut down, Aganos will have killed Kan Ra thus ending his own existence ect. Saberwulf will be a helper to our heroes because he is now reverted back to a human as Dr. Sabreman. Some new characters will just be there for a few fights in the tournament. The main four are Jago, Kim Wu, Orchis and TJ Combo, Maya, Tusk, Thunder and Fulgore/Eagle will be allies helping in the fight.

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Hello Stone! Good night!

I’m a illustrator from Brazil, and i have a few questions;

How many pages it will have?

Did you already found someone to dawn or color the pages?

I’m looking forward to it, but i’m also a little busy sometimes. So it can take some time to finish it.
Anyway, here’s some fan art of orchid i made a while ago.



I am still trying to put this together, but I NEED help.

Please, any artists that have free time please message me.

This comic is aiming for a maximum 100 pages in color (we will see how many pages there will be when the writing is done).

I want this comic to also involve fans and possibly create Fan Characters that could become popular enough to make in into a future KI game (like Ermac and Scarlet in MK).

Please… If I don’t get help this project will die… please.

I just heard of this, how is it coming along?

Story is coming together alright… Just needs more time.

As for art I am up a creek without a paddle.

I want to finish writing before I can get any art done anyway.

Still a work in progress.

Any chance of this still continuing? It would be cool to see a community come together to produce fan works that celebrate a game they love.