Killer Instinct Novel

I’ve been doing some looking about and I’ve wondered, is it possible for there to be a legit novel detailing in greater detail the events of the newest Killer Instinct, like the things that were barely glassed over in the game’s tellings; which Glacius came to Earth, who was in charge of Project: Stalker, who exactly was Aganos’ king and how Kan-Ra tried to assassinate the king. It could be neat if someone went in and tried to write a book on these things; I think I could give it a good shot if given the chance but…not exactly sure on the idea.

Does anyone think I should try?


Also excuse my crappy name, I literally do not know how to change it.

With the amount of characters and back-story involved, I imagine that would be a really hard book to write. It would have to start off kind of like Game of Thrones where each chapter is about a different character and their backstory, only to half-way through the book, come full-circle into the present and how these characters start to interact with each other through the Killer Instinct tournament and what they do as a result of that and ensuing events (such as the arrival of Gargos).

Since we don’t know the full sotry even in the game yet, even if something like this were to be released, it would probably be a while before it actually does. If it does, though, I’d certainly read it. :wink:

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I did some thinking on that, and in a sense I could do as said; each chapter from the perspective of a different fighter and their conflict before in the midst of things switching over to another, be it at a different time or even later time, like in Halo 2 when players suddenly swap to Arbiter.

Please note I use the other reference because I’ve never had time to sit down and watch Game of Thrones; long story as to why, but there’s some interesting ideas that can be done with this however

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I’d love to see a novel, if you’ve got an idea I say go for it. There was a thread created not too long ago with comic strips based on KI, and like I said there, it would be nice to see some community members create an alternate timeline or just backstory comics to go along with this new KI.

I’ll have to do some looking and brainstorming, a friend of mine said KI would soon die out with MKX overshadowing it as well as the return of Street Fighter, so it could be possible for a novel or book to be the saving grace for the series and bring it back from the pits before it ends up like BloodStorm or Eternal Champions.

…both were good games, just not strong enough to survive.

People will say that. We are a small community in an already niche genre, which leads people to believe that KI will die, but those people do not appreciate and/or recognize the intricacy of this game and the different experience it provides. No doubt a good graphic novel companion would increase interest along with S3, the GwG promotion and Combo Assist. IMO the future looks bright for KI :thumbsup:

It might not be a graphic novel; I can’t draw. While that’d be amazing I doubt I can write out an effective comic book; tried once and it ended roughly.

And indeed KI could be around for eons, if the cards and dealt right and the hand is played. But like that one person above me said a good alternate universe or even novelization of the game would be perfect; I’d just rather not do a lot of work for the book and learn near completion it can’t be done; that’s happened before. So I’d much rather wait until I know I can do the book

I understand what you’re saying. The ideal time probably would be after S3, and you don’t have to do the graphic novel, we have a few decent artists here, your novel could be the basis of a community collaboration. But let’s see, only IG know where the story is headed.

Could be a good way to pay my homage to the series, as well as possibly get exposure for being a writer.

Because the writing world is a cruel harsh place and going big is the only way to get somewhere, but yeah the best idea would indeed be to restrain and wait until S3 has concluded or more things are exposed and revealed; unsure as to how long it could take but I believe it’ll take some time.

And before anyone thinks I’m being that guy for mainly wanting exposure, no; I’ve liked Killer Instinct ever since I accidentally stumbled upon it after seeing Riptor, and from there my curiosity peaked and I desired to learn more about the world. So basically the novel could be both a means to become known and a way to pay tribute to a really great game.