Killer Instinct Montage: Draw The Line

Recently I began talking with Omega Sparx on twitter and I had the opportunity to hear a track from his and SWATS_GBX new album, Game Breakers Volume 2. I asked Sparx if I could use the track in a video and he allowed me to do so. The fight underscore that was planned then turned into a montage video with footage taken from two online Killer ranked fights, where I faced the same person (going by the name of Beaps - I won’t reveal the outcome). The track used in this footage is called “Draw The Line”. Now, with all that information out of the way:
Here’s the montage itself

Feedback and corrections are welcome.

Nice vid. Keep doing them. Some feedback. Even if the song wasn’t my cup of tea, I kind of felt that the song in the background is a little bit the “star” of the film. If so I think you should correct the volume levels between the song and the in game sounds. Raise the song a little and lower the game sounds. BUT do keep the ULTRA scream in the end high as it is now :wink:

And since it suppose to be a montage I would have liked to see clips from more than 2 matches. I think a montage should showcase more of the diversity of the game.

Thx for sharing

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I concur with Karl.

Thanks for the feedback. One or two things I should’ve clarified:

  • I didn't want to have the song too high in the mix so that you couldn't hear the game that well. The bass frequencies of the song overpowered all the other audio when it was turned up much higher than the volume it's set to at the moment. If I can find a way of doing it without editing the bass frequencies, I might consider reuploading the song maybe with different footage in the future.
  • This wasn't actually two matches, but trimmed down from 4 separate battles, as part of two best of 3 sets. I hope to do a full Fulgore or Aganos trailer when I find a plot/set of fights I can work with, but I might do one showing a lot of the s3 balance changes.
  • I appologise for the style of the video - the very quick transitions. This style is pretty much the only way I can produce videos currently at least, simply as I have to edit via audio alone and have to use Windows Movie Maker (as it's the most accessible piece of software for screen readers that I've found for editing videos).

If any of you have ideas for future projects, I can start a separate thread to discuss that.