Killer Instinct in Upload Studio! EDIT: To be more Clear!

I remember this being a post in the old forums! Someone had suggested why there was a lack of Killer Instinct ANYTHING in Upload Studio! Being that KI is very successful, I would highly support this idea. I believe there was a video when they were showing off the Twitch Broadcasting off for the first time, (or something like that) that had a little bit of what a Upload Studio KI content looked like. If someone knows what video I’m talking about, please link it in this thread! But yeah, I’d love some KI Upload content! I’d use it. What about you guys & girls?

#EDIT: I’ve revived this topic since I realized I wasn’t too clear a month ago. I meant a Killer Instinct Template for Upload Studio. That would be Great!

Well, for a start, here’s the link to my XboxClips thing.

I’ve been doing a lot of KI lately, but it will probably fluctuate between whatever I’m playing at the time.
Here’s a few KI highlights though:

Fun w/ Jago

Some Riptor Manuals (after a good chunk of me just faffing about)

THE longest Cinder Ultra I’ve ever seen/performed (219)

And even if it’s not technically being shown on Upload, I made this gif by connecting Upload/XboxClips to imgur, so it’s good enough.

Wulf’s Chain Combo as a Manual

Here In this Video is the Upload Studio Template that they had used to showcase Killer Instinct during E3, so why can’t we get something like that since KI is very popular, and Getting ready to start Season 3?

#SKIP TO 51:35

(Sorry @Fwufikins…A month later. LOL XD)