Killer Instinct in Payday 2? (Intuition Mask)

While browsing through google images, I came across this odd ‘specimen’

So apparently this is a random mask you can obtain in Payday 2 (Most likely the Xbox Version), but from the looks of it, It appears to be a mix of 4 Characters from the first Season of Killer Instinct.


  • Jago (Bottom Faceplate, even has the vertical crack down the right cheek)
  • Fulgore (Right Eye)
  • Spinal (Left Eye covered by rope & his bandanna),
  • and to really bring the crossover home, Glacius’ frosty chin is RIGHT BELOW Jago’s faceplate.

(Website That Originally Posted About This.)

Seeing how I don’t recall seeing this posted anywhere on the forums, just thought I’d share this odd little easter egg in case anyone missed it.


Interesting find

i think jago is reaching a bit, but i def can see fulgore, spinal and glacius. Cool find! isnt payday 2 going to be an upcoming games with gold game?