Killer Instinct Identity In Jeopardy?


With the addition of 3 guest characters and a rumored 4th and beyond, are you worried that the identity of KI will be more in line with “Smash Bros.” or “Playstation All-Stars”? I feel like if they continue this game after Season 3, only one more guest would be appropriate to balance the rest of cast being true KI characters. I know there are so many potential guests that would be awesome, but being an OG fan from 1994, I just don’t feel good about a ton of guests.

Someone at work who is not an original KI fan, nor much of a KI fan/fighting game player, had said he would enjoy seeing all kinds of Halo characters make it into KI. I think many people just don’t understand what this does to the KI name and vibe. I always felt like Rash, Joanna Dark, or Kameo would be appropriate because they are sort of old school lost names in gaming and Rareware characters.

It would be much more appropriate if Microsoft decided to make a “Smash Bros.” of their own and added KI characters as guests. But not the other way around, making Killer Instinct the new “Smash Bros.” and alienating many of the loyal cult following fans.


But how will it be less Ki? The existance of the original KI cast will still be there even if guests are added. Personally,I want Kameo. A new Battletoads/Kameo game would be awesome.

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I’ll leave this here from a previous thread


No, not at all. They’d have to get up around a third of the cast before I started to get that kind of vibe, and even then it’d be okay because KI is a trope mashup anyway.

Also does anyone even remember Playstation All-Stars?



Smash and All-Stars are mascot games. That is their shtick. KI is KI, just like Tekken 7 is Tekken, and MKX is MK. Just because there are guest characters in KI, doesn’t mean that the game is becoming a mascot game.

I think a big part of your story/comment is going over own your head. According to you, your coworker “enjoys KI,” and also according you, he isn’t a fighting game fan. Seems to me the Halo guest character is doing what he was designed to do: get eyeballs on the game. that is ALWAYS a good thing all-around.

That being said, I understand your concern, but I just think you are taking it to an extreme.

This is what I mean by “the extreme.” That is not what the KI devs are doing.

This actually my concern as well. When ever this KI is finished, I want to hear things like “Hey you that game with the cyber dinosaur and ninja guy…what was that game”

"Hey you know that game that had Arbiter, Johanna Dark and Rash, what was that game?"

My concern is that KI could become too dependent on guest characters, especially with MKXL getting another one apparently.

Now to thos eof you who support guests, I can understand where your comming form. But my there is still the concern of getitng too dependent on guest characters,

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Yes, I know it’s not that many guests right now at 3. But the point is asking the question, when is it “too much?” I thought the title “in jeopardy” meant it could go the wrong way since it hasn’t (IMO) just yet.

I don’t mean to sound doom and gloom, I really enjoy Season 3 and Rash is the best guest so far. But these are just my concerns about the direction and identity of the franchise.

This is a valid concern, that KI could become to dependent on guests for recognition, which is honestly the perfect argument for Ultimates in KI, as well as more accessories. Many people want Ultimates and more accessories in KI, and that stuff is like candy for casuals. If you want KI to be known for KI related stuff, advocate for that, but at the same time know that guest can live along side those things, and bring more people into the community.

To be clear, I’m not saying that you or anyone else are NOT advocating for those things, I just think it needs to be said that rather than lamenting guest characters in general in KI, we should be pushing for more KI specific things like new accessories, Ultimates, and lore related things.

No. KI is just fine. The game currently consists of 11% guests. If they add at the most 2 more in season 4 (assuming 8 characters)it will make that percent go up to 14%. That’s still 86% solely KI unique characters. And that’s if they add more.

In comparison there are really no playable characters unique to Smash. They’re essentially all guests.

To be frank, I would be okay if KI went in that direction, so long as the additional characters are as good as they have been so far.

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Incase you were wondering, I’ve been fighting to get Ultimates in KI for awhile, I just want to hear from the guest supporters point of view about how KI will not be too dependent on guests.

I also do acknowledge that they do. Heck arbiter was a pleasant surprise for me (since I got into Halo when I first got my 360 and I’m both a fan of, and almost always play an Elites in the games) I also think it makes no since to add anymore. One thing is certain though, if Joanna Dark is the next guest, hopefully she will be the last and I will congratulate every Joanna Dark supporter here if she does make it. As far as I know the goal of getting every KI-1 and KI-2 character in the game has already been achieved.

I also encourage accessories and colors. though I think it should at least go to the retros. (Seriously my brother @JEFFRON27 wants a proper red riptor for the retro lol) So, I don’t see the point of adding anymore though I do see the attention KI is getting since it got one of my friends to try the game (she’s a hardcore Halo fan, you can ask her about the lore and she would tell you) but she doesn’t play it very often though.

But again adidng guests can be a double edged sword in the long run. You give KI the attention it needs but it could also be used as a crutch to.

It’s just a concern of mine. Will KI end up getting too dependent on guests I don’t know for sure, but I hope we don’t get too many.

Well MK isn’t suddenly “Horror movie icon all-stars” so I think KI is just fine.


And Jason rocks!


This. This. So much… This.


Also adding a bit more (by the last time in this talk about this guests hate), you know why the horror movie icons fits so well in MK and do not compromise the game? Because of the gore, the fear they cause, things that most of the chars from the MK franchise also have, all them are vicious killers. Now You know why guests like RAAM, Rash and Arbiter fits KI so well? Because they share the same traits of the original KI casts, they are “unstoppable” in their goals and they are impetuous with their enemies. Oh, but they do not fit in the lore… yeah, but the lore do very well just with the oficial cast, they are not here to fit, they are here to provide entertainment at the other big aspect of the game. The pvp fights. Don’t worry, KI will never be a smash bros.

Indeed. MKXL is sitting at around 15% guests right now, even if the guests have been getting a lot of publicity.

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true but it is off putting beause those characters exist in the roster, at least for me. Plus they are not even legit game characters so if anything they’re a waay bigger sellout than KI is…so far at least when it comes to guests.

The only thing I like about Michael Moore is his screams when he dies. And I’m not a fan of their movies either. They’re fine but I really don’t care for em’ so for me they’re more invasive than anything else.

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I would challenge IG to show their creativity.
The S2 additions were great and the returning cast, faithful.
But S3 reminds me that there is a reason why IG mainly handle ports. Mira is Maya in leather and an uninspiring take on a vampire, perceived to be in there due to some old concept art and little more.
Tusk and Kim are cool, but really not the hardest characters to put together.
Eyedol and Gargos are basically just characters loaded with options and obscure designs.

If that comes off as insulting, it isn’t meant to be. It is simply stating that I personally haven’t seen anything from S3 to imply the creative juices are there to make a S4 without another roster filled in with guests.

I know KI isn’t all about original stuff and everything is based on something, but there is a massive difference between basing content to just using someone else’s ideas that don’t even relate to the game.

See Akuma in Tekken for how that is done correctly. Give us a reason to accept guests in the cast.

I perosnally tink Eyedol and Gargos are the best designs in S3 just because it was a uniqe spin on bosses some otherwise mocked for their look in the old games.

But I do aree that S3 sure had a good chunk of guests thrown in. Even if they were kinda cool.

I can understand the logic and maybe success stories for some. But I do admit; if I still had the interests I have now and never herd of KI at all. Riptor would of easily been the sole reason for me to want to play the game rather than the Arbiter even if theoretically I would happen to be a Halo Fan.

I do agree with alot of stuff though. I can also understand the argument that guests bring people outside into the game but my freind who’s a huge…HUGE Halo fan has played it for Arby but I haven’t been seeing her playing it much ever since she played it the day he came out.

I think guests still hit or miss but ya know what. I will still raise a glass to IG for bringing all the original cast back into KI.

Yeah I think it comes down to shooter players are shooter players, not fighting game fans.
It might get them to check it out, but you’re not going to change how their twitch reactions work, thus they may not bother outside of a glance.

Fighters and shooters are chalk and cheese - it may be the only reason Smash works with such a variety of characters from all those genres, it doesn’t really treat itself like a traditional fighter and is much more accessible on a casual/party level.

If people can be good at something, they won’t stick with it for long… especially when they already enjoy a completely different genre more, in this case, shooters.

The characters may fit, but expecting people to change how they view games to play them in a more than likely very different style of game is asking alot.

MKX works because it is pop culture cast and there is no preconceived concept to how those character should be played because of their association with different genres, movies already defined them.