Killer Instinct Horror Pack (Character bundle)

Just saw this posted on the xbox marketplace??

Haha! I knew it! Hopefully this means we get Bed Sheet Hisako.

IG PLZ :laughing:

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No it’s a character bundle. You also get KI gold if you purchase it. Did you guys really think we would get new content?

It was a Joke. We all know we won’t get new stuff for a while. My Bed Sheet Hisako Joke Is a Joke in the Hisako Topics by @Fwufikins

Holy sh*t my idea worked! I just made a thread about this last week!

I KNEW it was a good idea! Good call, devs! @TempusChaoti @TheKeits

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OH SNAP DUDE. LOL WAO. I didn’t think they would go through with that due to them being busy with S3! Good Job!

Damn, I was hoping there was new costumes/skins/colors or something… Hype hit the roof, then bottomed out on the basement floor.


I can certainly understand that frustration. Need me some new Halloween colors to celebrate the best holiday.

Everybody should just get a Pumpkin on their Head. I’d at LEAST be happy with that.

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What? No mummy? :’(

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I’m still hoping we get some unique skins like we did for the Christmas one. :grinning:

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*not a mummy…



Oh, please…

Just because he’s not dead or an Egyptian, it doesn’t mean he’s not a mummy.

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This! Surely kanra is a definition of horror. He’s a ‘mummy’ right up there with the skeleton, ghost and werewolf

I got excited as well thinking skins.
Sill holding out hope for double xp since there is none for the season 2 aniv weekend.
Still cool bundle if you buy singles and don’t own the seasons.