Killer Instinct Guests vs Mortal Kombat X Guests comparison

I personally am happy that MKXL is now coming to PC its probably the best news I ever had since the announcement of KI for PC, all I want in life is to play Erron Black and Predator thats what I wanted since I saw Erron Black and Predator. But I can’t afford a PS4, console gaming is expensive where I am more so than PC gaming and the added pay wall of $300 US just to access online over the lifespan of the system is a serious NO NO for me and those who don’t live in first world countries.

KI is really great, its certainly a western game with gritty atmosphere but its not its not a horror martial arts fighting game with AAA budget from a big super sized company like WB where money is unlimited and they can actually pay for any guest like Predator etc. You know guest characters that actually fit into a fighting game?

Thats just the reality off it, MKX fans get the really good guests and we are stuck with really uninteresting guests like Halo boss that nobody actually plays anymore in my 100 matches recently I have not even faced a halo boss even once I tried him and he simply does NOT feel right in a FG game at all, just feels so uninteresting and out of place that Microsoft pulled out of their other franchise that totally does NOT fit into a fighting game, but MK always sucked because netcode was always garbage. KI performs so much better and the netcode is so much better.

What would be amazing is if we too could have gotten those guests like LeatherFace and Predator in KI. I think Microsoft could afford it but they quite frankly don’t see it worth their time and investment.

I am not sure how Ed Boon manages to pull this off, look at his roster he even has Alien? How exactly does he do this? does the money come from his own pocket or he gets it free from WB? like he just calls the shot and WB pays the bill? How exactly do these relationship work with developer and publisher? does WB own NRS?

Time Warner owns Netherrealm.

We didn’t get “bad guests” we got guests that were availble from Microsofts owned IPs. Netherrealm is owned by Warner Brothers, they’ve got movie connections so they got guests that reflect that. Also how is Leatherface more suited to a fighting game than someone like Arbiter? Whom actually is one of the top tier characters in the game right now, getting TONS of play and arguably these days Halo is known by more youths than an obscure movie monster figure like Leatherface. MK might have a considerably larger budget than KI has but that doesn’t make it a better game. Frankly I think MK’s guests are low hanging fruit, oh yeah lets just throw a bunch of R rated movie monsters in because they’re gory, the fans love gore. There’s really no thought put into them beyond the shock factor of playing as some goon that you watched rip a man’s torso in half when you were nine years old.

Honestly I prefer video game characters in my video games, all of our guests fit even General RAAM as much as I might hate him. You seem to be under the misconception that WB payed out the ■■■ to get all these great guests to spoil their fans and that makes them better somehow, well that’s not the case they did exactly what KI did. Used licenses they had access to because they knew they could. Ed Boon didn’t pull a godlike list of guests out of his butt and pay for them, he used assets he had available.

I know I’m a KI fanboy but damn, you really seem to hate this game sometimes friend.
Oh an MK is a Western game too, last I checked.


MKX should stop on Alien and Predator.

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“Really good” and “uninteresting” are entirely subjective.

The Killer Instinct guest characters are from Microsoft owned IP’s, so it makes sense that a Microsoft owned franchise would use them.

WB is a film studio first, and a video game licensing company second, so it makes sense that they’d have both the budget and the connections to get movie tie in characters into their gaming subsidiaries.

The reason why horror movie icons made it into Mortal Kombat is because they’re characters who’s entire film repertoire revolves not around the way they fight, but the way they kill people. Guest characters are designed to bring in crowds that don’t normally associate with the series or only play at a casual level (even if hardcore fans and pro players wind up liking them), and since most casual purchasers associate MK with gore rather than the combat itself, it makes sense that a group of murderers would make it in.

Not to dump on the MKX guest characters, since I think they’re cool additions to that game (I mained Predator, after all, alongside Mileena and Scorpion). They just wouldn’t fit as well here. The primary drive if any fighting game’s sales is recognizable characters. Both MK and KI feature specialized combat engines, and quite a bit of bloody spectacle. In MK, the bloody spectacle is higher on the design list, hence the array of finishers and X-Rays. In KI, the combat is higher on the design list, hence the huge depth and variety of combo/neutral tools. Horror movie icons are successful because of their bloody spectacle, hence why they fit in MK. Video game characters are successful because of the way they play, hence why they fit better in KI.

At the end of the day, of course, the solution is really simple.
If you like the guests in MK, play with them and be happy. If not, ignore them and/or find something you do enjoy. If you like the guests in Killer Instinct, play with them and be happy. If not, ignore them and/or find something you do enjoy.


^ I have a personal hatred for WB for scamming PC gamers like myself. But I must admit I really like their guests. But its as you say they own those movie franchise so thats probably why.

I play KI cause its really the closest thing to MK I could find that actually works. Seeing as how broken MKX is on PC. But KI is pretty sick but I feel like I might just be a fan of WB games even though they do such garbage PC ports?

what are your thoughts on this video compared to KI gameplay? don’t you think Predator fits in so much better than Halo Boss?

MK’s guests, much like their hardcore (y’know “white knights” & “fanboys”) crowd, are as @xCrimsonLegendx so succinctly put it, low-hanging fruit, socially and culturally speaking. Financially, they must be generally higher up the tree, because they seem to have an exorbitant amount of expendable income for repeat purchases and bullshit.

These are my totally experiential opinions. If anyone is offended by the fruit accusation - maybe you don’t resemble that remark, I don’t know you. I wasn’t referring to anyone I’ve met here, though.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the movies that the MK guests are from including Alien and Predator. Hell I’d even love to see a Terminator guest in MK at some point, that sort of thing fits with Mortal Kombat. KI however is a game about tropes, its about wild over the top characters with insanely varied play styles. Horror movie monsters fit Mortal Kombat perfectly but they don’t fit a game like Killer Instinct, you wouldn’t want to see the Predator hold back and not rip out someone’s spine and in KI that’s what you would get.

KI is more of a light hearted fighting game, its still brutal and has lots of blood and mature themes but its not trying to copy Mortal Kombat, our calling card is big combos and in your face presentation. MK is about gore, gore, more gore and a movie quality story mode. Gameplay and netcode are put the back burner to ensure the game looks phenomenal and it does. KI has a considerably lower budget and smaller fanbase so our game is focused first and foremost on the gameplay and the ability to play the game with others. Sure we lack decent texture quality, top-notch animations and the perks of an award winning set of movie villains as guests but what we lack in those aspects we more than make up for in play-ability and fun factor.

I’m not going to sit here and bag on Mortal Kombat all night, its a good game but its not what I look for in a game. I’d be content with a 2-D pixel fighter as long as it played well and it was fun, graphics and name brand content be damned. My priories are just different, I’d rather watch a dusty old VHS of dragonball than most of the anime out there these days, so maybe I’m just a little weird. :stuck_out_tongue:


^ thanks well this certainly clears up a lot of stuff for me.

Who knows maybe when Season 4 for KI comes around we might even see some guests outside the microsoft ip. Here is hoping for a Predator and Alien DLC in Season 4 KI. Can you imagine General RAAM or Thunder having to put up with that Predator Fireball Spam that SonicFox is doing in that video? LOL



This is really, really good news. It broke my heart when they decided to let the PC version fester in lag land back in January.

KI still #1, but MKX is a really close #2.

But re: their guests, I think Voorhees is awesome, but I never got into the rest. The other great DLC character IMO is Tremor. Tremor is MKX Bae, actually.

Meanwhile, I think RAAM and Arbiter are great guest characters. The Joanna Dark concepts out there are also pretty promising :slight_smile:

It certainly is coming to PC and yeah happiest news of my life ever since the KI PC announcement here ED boon even has it Pinned on his Twitter Channel, and nah this isn’t one of his troll posts he always makes his troll posts obvious. This is the real deal!!! though I admit its of no surprise I was expecting it sooner or later because they know they won’t sell injustice 2 on PC because nobody would trust them after the MKX PC fiasco. So they trying to regain PC gamers trust to sell Injustice 2

Ed Boon seems to be quite famous on Twitter aswell. He even posted KI stuff a few times apparently he is a KI fan also.

I hope he actually intends to fix the PC version. He did say he would have big news for EVO and then never said anything, there. Never know with that guy.

Hey! Look who it is! Again!

Fresh out of the ban he recently recieved, and primed to make more hate threads!


@TheWeebSkeeb well the good news is that WB fired HVS and hired QLOC to fix MKX and it was confirmed in the credits aswell it was a hot debate on the steam forums because WB tried to hide the fact that QLOC was working on fixing MKX.

So I am going to assume they will hire QLOC to do the XL port and KP2. HVS was so horrible I can’t believe they are still in business infact the first Injustice Gods among us game these people at HVS actually put back bugs into the game with the latest patch and left it as is. This was after they had removed the bugs they put it back in.

WB has lost a lot of trust with PC gamers infact when it was announced that KI would be ported to PC by the same people who ported Batman Arkham Knight everyone assumed KI on PC would have been a massive failure but turns out it was a near perfect port.

Which leaves you to wonder how did Iron Galaxy mess up the Arkham Knight Port on PC? its like no matter who WB hires for a PC port its always a disaster. Their games are just cursed on PC

i was not interested in any guest but general raam made me changes. :grin:… if u really dont like anyone of the guest i think u gonna shoot urself if they bring Johanna dark :disappointed_relieved: personnaly i wil do it :fearful:

I bought MKXL a couple months ago and haven’t touched it since I finished the story mode. Even with its bigger budget KI is still WAY more fun. Also, I thought leatherface, jason, and alien being in MK was kinda of a dumb idea. I would’ve preferred Noob Saibot, Baraka and Rain. KI’s guest characters make a lot more sense than random movie character in my opinion.

DBZ is life! #TeamVegeta :sunglasses:

He’s currently in a 12-step program for that. Really needs to take a hard look at all the spine ripping before he finally gets a grip on it.

That’s not a confirmation MKXL is coming to PC.

WB makes that call really. It’s likely by that poll, Boon is lobbying WB by showing there’s public support for the port, but that’s no confirmation gears are turning.


Arbiter isn’t a Halo boss…also I played against a lot of Arbiter’s. If you want,I can show you my Arbiter. Also @RGLOfficial and @KevBones10 and @F3Sleep has some amazing Arbiter’s


This thread is so pointless…

Ed Boon didn’t confirm MKXL and KP2 coming to PC. But we had good guests characters like Arbiter or Rash. Seriously, I’m really tired of your whining. Can someone close this thread?