Killer Instinct Forum Battles

anyone send me an invite please

Is it still up? I am open to join.

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I think you can join ZDhome’s lobby right now. But I just leave.

Ok just let me eat first


anyone up for some games?


Nothing. I made a post, then realized that it wasn’t appropriate to post it here, so i moved it. Just saving space.

I should be available for KI (obviously), MKX, GoW:UE, BF4, MC:XB1E, TF, WB, and most 360 games (especially if they’re BC) since I own those games. :slight_smile:

Uhh hello??? I played Omen! …and Mira

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Howdy! Mr. Morning here! Between my work/medical/life schedule and iffy connectivity, I don’t know how often I’ll actually be in attendance, but this is a wonderful program y’all have put together. I’ll send requests to the designated handles later, and hopefully will join you in the future.

I just have say this again, because I’m taken aback by it with what seems like every other post I read: What a wonderful community. Just the best in the American FGC.

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Derp. Sorry about that.

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Wait, there’s a stream?

lol ok I guess I’ll watch

Its Saturday!

You dont have to watch me, but play with someone!

Not really feeling well, so I’d rather just watch.

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Today will be the FIRST DAY I can join you guys.

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Just let me know what I have to do.

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What’s going on? You having stream issues?

what up party peoples, long time since i’ve been on. Been having some login issues and been busy recently…is the stream happening now and I am looking at the old channel…Just found this new thread.

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You are im the right place, and the new twitch is in the OP.

No stream today, but come join us and play. Send me a message and ill invite you.

When will be the next forum battles? I’ve been and will be busy but if there is a forum battles on Saturday or Sunday I’ll probably be able to make it