Killer Instinct EVO Panel Friday 12:00 PM

During, or after, Top 8 would be dope.

He didn’t “get” Shadow Lords. Some people had access to it when they downloaded the RAAM Patch. Which means that most of Shadow Lords (or at least the most current version at the time) is currently on our systems, but locked due to not being complete due to lack of testing and features that have yet to be implemented.

@TempusChaoti Will number 8 be revealed at the panel like maya or right before the finals like thunder? Or different?

Who said we are ready to reveal the last character?

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I can’t see why you can’t reveal the last character (assuming the character is ready to be shown off). Hisako’s gameplay reveal wasn’t in an optimal place either.

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So it won’t be at EVO then?

These are always fun to watch. Sad to hear it won’t be live streamed but I’m sure helpful people in the community will post twitter updates on whats shown/talked about.

I’ll definitely be in there. Phone at the ready.


So wtf is the point to the panel then

They’re going to reveal stuff, obviously.

Just because they aren’t going to reveal the final character for S3, doesn’t mean they aren’t revealing anything.

Hell, Rukari could be messing with us for all we now. He didn’t explicitly say we aren’t getting a character reveal.

They are gona reveal the scorpio.

Me?! Trolling?! Never!


Which mean we definitely have something to expect at EVO.

fast-paced, high-level Killer Instinct competition.


Oh I know what it is…the second KI wave figure sales RIGHT!!!


I hope I get a job soon. That way I can justify more figures. I still haven’t bought Jago and Sabrewulf.

Yeah, I need a new job too. I need my ARIA figure. :slight_smile: Plus so I can buy lots of other things. But really…second wave of KI figures please.