Killer Instinct EVO Panel Friday 12:00 PM

I hope its livestreamed. There’s a lot of fans outside the US who can’t attend. Heck, I’ll take a Youtube upload with a couple hours of delay.
Also, most probably a little more detail of Shadow Lords and possibly a reveal of the final character is my guess.

Like I said, don’t expect the panel to be livestreamed officially. It may be recorded and uploaded to YouTube eventually, but you’re just gonna have to keep an eye on Twitter and the forums.

I’m calling it now, the last character is gonna be revealed at the panel. It’s gonna be the middle of the month and like RAAM’s E3 reveal, they’re likely gonna reveal the character at this months big event.

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Amazing. Final character and Maybe an end of season trailer with the new character and shadow lords. Really pleased we’ll be getting a panel.

Hopefully a mention that season 3 isn’t the end too!

There’s a lot of fans INSIDE the US who can’t attend…


Your comment was why I had to post. You’re most probably right, but if its a really hype announcement, I can only hope they want as many people to be part of it as possible and a livestream would be the ideal way.
@BigBadAndy you’re right and I should have considered that too. My bad.

… well, ■■■■… Youtube upload?

Looks hopefully at @rukizzel

Like last year it will not be live streamed. We will, however, try to set up Periscope or Facebook Live from my phone again. Best bet is to watch Twitter & the forums for what we have in store. Should be fun!


“Hopeful” is definitely a word I wouldn’t choose…

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I like the sounds of this! cant wait

I mean what are the chances they are revealing a character there huh? :smirk:

During a panel that’s not live streamed, can only fit a few hundred people?

oh wait this isnt for a week still?! I thought it was today :frowning: profound sadness lol

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The community would appreciate it. I am curious as to why such a luxurious and large hotel doesn’t have a decent internet connection for streaming?

oh… then I’m all out of ideas :pensive:

my guess would be shadow lords info/release

So sometime around grand finals instead then?

It does, but that doesn’t have anything to do with it!

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Give us some news anything please I’m dying here

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How did u get Shadow Lords?

what he is saying that it was included in the last update w/ RAAM, it is just not accessible at the moment

lol our doodlord and saviour gets his own card slot. is his panel part of the ki presentation?