Killer Instinct EVO Panel Friday 12:00 PM

Get hype. I’m gonna be there in person to watch!


Thanks for the info.

I smell a character release!

The fact that the next character will probably get announced at Evo has me hopeful it’s a guest from another fighting game franchise.


And thus the final hours were close at hand

Same here! So effing hype!

Is it PST?

I’d love to see that but I have a feeling that it’ll be an original KI character

Cmon Luigi!!!


Please let it be an original character! I hate guests!

What time is the EVO Friday in EST?

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It’s based on PST.

So it’s 3:00 PM EST.

EDIT: My bet is that it’s an original character or a guest. I doubt it’s anyone we saw on the poll. Either way, as long as the character looks cool and fights great I’ll be happy.

It will probably be either an original, Eagle, or Eyedol. That’s only a guess, but I have confidence.

Don’t count on the panel being livestreamed. Unless you’re at EVO you’re gonna have to keep an eye on Twitter or the forums for whatever comes out of the panel.

Yeah it was streamed on Periscope last year, when they mainly showed off Ultimate Source figures and Shadow Jago gameplay concepts. I’m sure you guys will at least get some phone capture, but who knows.


Yo panel boyz! Im all in everything makes sense how they are so secretive with it.

Probably not a character, just announcenent of the survey results. :smirk:

Why wouldn’t they announce a character? The final character is due this month and we haven’t gotten a single mention of him/her yet. Where better to announce the last character than at the biggest fighting game tournament ever?

Dude, I’m with you. It’s the biggest stage and hopefully the character will be available immediately afterwards like RAAM.

Considering Shadow Lords is already installed in the Raam update, I’m expecting that too. At least a playable demo at EVO.