Killer Instinct Eagle Pre-release Gameplay

I had the chance to play Eagle early and was given official permission to post the following footage:

All the footage is raw and unedited, though the matches might be edited down into a new video after the character is released:
Pre-release gameplay without music

Eagle VS Kilgore, CAM is off during the first match

Fulgore VS Eagle set (it's my Fulgore)

The final footage I got pre-release, Eagle Mirror matches including the default costume, with a staged stage ultra at the end

Hope you enjoy.


What do you think about him? Is he fun?

I’m curious as to what his Instinct does

I noticed some things.

-Eagle can actually use the bird during a combo for some scary frame traps. You can even bait a Shadow Counter, and punish, like how Kim can with her Dragon Cannon. I’m guessing the Screech move is a stagger?

Also, it has tons of utilities, and that Shadow Arrow Recall move…

I see some stylish non-optimal Recall setups since the arrows hit on the way back :smiley:

-He has a lot of moves that move him distances, and has a Sammamish like move, which is (I’m assuming) similar to Hawkeye’s Trick Shot acrobatics. He can stomp to stop his momentum, and it looked like he had a sort of dive kick.

Flip into low, or Flip+Bird into button may be a wicked cross-up.

-Eagle can really cover the space in front of him very well. He can basically shoot an arrow wherever he wants. Amazing!

-You have to pick up the arrows after you shoot them as well. That’s kind of cool. Keeps you moving around, and for bird setups lol.

Only things I saw that I tried to understand. Tried to guess what his Instinct does, but I couldn’t tell watching the matches.

Watching these matches though, Eagle is totally Top 10, IMO. He just has so many tools to work with.

I’m thinking his Instinct significantly reduces the cool down between Eagle’s weyekin attacks.

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This. His instinct allows him to use his robo-eagle non stop

Eagle’s interesting, but unfortunately his lack of move-based openers (similar to Kilgore who has a distance problem) will probably make him really hard to play and less entertaining in the majority of matchups. I’m looking forward to playing him casualy in exhibition etc though.