Killer Instinct Double Combo DLC - Error ?!?!?!?

Hello Community,

i bought the double combo DLC (Season 1 + 2 Fighters) over 3 hours ago.

But there is a big problem … only the carackters of season 1 are unlockted?

Whats wrong here ? Has anyone else this problem? What can o do now ???


Try checking that your location is properly set. To do that press the windows key and type in location to try the options presented to you there.

You should also try resyncing your PC’s time to the online server to make sure you’re well aligned. Navigate to:
Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region
From there select Date & Time so you can go to the internet tab and sync up.


THX MATE! It worked.:grinning:

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Glad to help. Enjoy KI :slight_smile:

This seems like a super big problem going around… I’ve probably seen 15 people on these forums have problems with this.

We should put a big sticky with this issue + the solution somewhere, I think.

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