Killer instinct definitive edition problem

I recently bought a physical copy killer instinct definitive edition a couple of months ago and was able to download most of the characters. and packs but there are certain characters and packs I was not able to get free and I have to pay money to download. The characters are Kilgore, Shin Hisako and Eagle. The packs are the terror pack, Gargos color pack and gold skin pack. When I look at the definitive edition on the xbox store. It says that all previous characters and packs I listed earlier are available in the definitive edition. What should I do to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

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I had to redeem the code it came with, THE GARGOS Gold Skin one. Only then I was given everything else (Above stuff U have missing).

I was not given a code with my purchase strange. Thank you for your assistance with this problem.

Good Morning!
Make sure the account that is using the game is the one you installed. Sometimes using another account (and not which game is installed) can bring this problem. Another attempt is to open Game Management, uninstall these packages and reinstall them again, but only those that present you with problems.
Do this in the same account where you installed the game.
It can be of help.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

I did as you instructed made sure I was on the right account uninstalled everything then reinstalled it but it still says I have to pay extra for the characters I listed before and the packs even though they should be included in the definitive edition. What next steps should I take? Thanks in advance

Did you buy the game used or new and sealed? Because if it required a code that the game came with, the used copy would have already been taken and you wouldnt get the extras from that.

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