Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition CONFIRMED

Fifa has been the only game i really have played since 2008. Thrown in borderlands and some assinscreeds but never beat any of them. But yeah i hated 16 found that i loved fighting games still and it replaced fifa for 2 years or so. Now i fear 17 will be so good I’ll neglect ki and sfv but my favorite team is juveuntus im a serie a kinda guy if you wanna play add me

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no love for PC ?

Hah. Xbox 360 section.

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When do we get 3.4 patch notes

I’m seriously considering going back and buying it lol.

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Do we know if you have to have the disc in to see the bonus content or once it installs I can use it digitally??

Far as I know, for all the physical titles I own, I can’t access the game unless the disc is in the console. So I would assume that you would have to have the disc in order to get any of yhe special features.

Well it would be a good time for the devs to tell us wether or not those bonus content items will become available to those who have all the ultra editions already because if I spend $60 on the DE and they say for $20 the following week you can buy all the add Ins I’ll be furious.

Nice. My favorite soccer team aka favorite sports team by far is Club América. Team from the Mexican Liga MX. I’ve also been a Barca fan since 2002 when Rafa Marquez joined them.

Back on topic though, I’m wondering if the classic KI’s are on disc. On amazon some user named “the Xbox team” said they’re on disc. I hope that’s true. There was an update yesterday for the classic KI’s , does anyone know what it was for?

The Xbox Team also said on Amazon that the soundtrack has all 3 seasons. Obviously it won’t have the classic sountrack. I hope it really does have the 3 seasons but idk if all the tracks would actually fit on one disc so idk.

How will Xbox know if we are logged in online ki or the disc ki?

I’m buying it anyway, just wondering how different this will be from the paid game apart from the soundtrack the character trailers and shadowlords

All 3 seasons would fit on one disk with no problems. The tracks are not large, so fitting all of then on one disk would be easy.

A lot of them are 6-8 Minutes long, that’s A lot.

If I’m correct, I believe it’s 75 minutes of music percd. So it’d be a case of working out how long the first two season are and (possibly working with the average of the two) seeing how long S3 might be and seeing how many cds would need to be available for that. Probably 3 really, they could just do it in one of those larger 3 cd cases.

Yea I looked at s1 and s2, A lot of the songs are 6-8 minutes which is very long so I don’t think they would all fit on one disc. Unless they make shorter versions of the songs.

Game arrived early - only 12 tracks on the cd. Bummer!

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Which ones?

Can you upload a track list?

and how the hell are we pc owners are going to be able to get the soundtrack?


  1. KI Theme / Character Select Music
  2. TJ Combo’s Theme
  3. Mira’s Theme
  4. Cinder’s Theme
  5. Tusk’s Theme
  6. Orchid’s Theme
  7. Thunder’s Theme
  8. Rash’s Theme
  9. Spinal’s Theme
  10. Hisako’s Theme
  11. Kim Wu’s Theme
  12. Agano’s Theme