Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition CONFIRMED

I hope all these additional colors from figurines and definitive edition will be purchasable some time later.

Can we know yet if you need the disc to see all the bonus content if you have everything digital already?

I have, I’m picking it up Tuesday morning on my way to work can’t wait.

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Nice, I got it from amazon because of a prime trial I got that gives me 20% off lol

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Nice, I got mine from GameStop for the controller skin and that I pass by it everyday on my walk to work.

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It was like $9 off with the savings lol

Yea lol I got me some Chinese food with those extra bucks though :wink: lol and it was more convenient for me to have the game delivered to me which ended up being the main reason I chose amazon. Lol

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I pre-ordered it as well at Gamestop. I don’t know if they skin would work for an elite controller or not, but if not I’m sure my son will enjoy it.

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I hope enough people pre order it/buy it. I don’t want this franchise to disappear again. Hopefully a lot of new players will join KI with this release.

Yep I laid down my pre-order a few days ago. I would have done it much sooner but due to reasons I needed to wait as I wasn’t sure if I would be near my regular Gamestop on the 20th or not lol

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I wont be buying it for awhilem fifa 17 concert some sfv ■■■■ i need to buy and final fantasy xv. If i do buy it anytome soon its due to a neighbour not being able to buy it

Would probably leave it sealed on the wall and buy a gold gargos off ebay lol

Just saw this at Walmart here in Savannah. Was already up for sale somehow.

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Should’ve bought or taken a picture lol

Fifa 17 is legit. What’s your favorite team? Lol

I took a pic ha . How do I upload it here ?

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On upload lol


Damnn, I wish my local stores would do that type of sh*t lol

Want that soundtrack so baddd lol