Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition CONFIRMED

If I’m correct, I believe it’s 75 minutes of music percd. So it’d be a case of working out how long the first two season are and (possibly working with the average of the two) seeing how long S3 might be and seeing how many cds would need to be available for that. Probably 3 really, they could just do it in one of those larger 3 cd cases.

Yea I looked at s1 and s2, A lot of the songs are 6-8 minutes which is very long so I don’t think they would all fit on one disc. Unless they make shorter versions of the songs.

Game arrived early - only 12 tracks on the cd. Bummer!

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Which ones?

Can you upload a track list?

and how the hell are we pc owners are going to be able to get the soundtrack?


  1. KI Theme / Character Select Music
  2. TJ Combo’s Theme
  3. Mira’s Theme
  4. Cinder’s Theme
  5. Tusk’s Theme
  6. Orchid’s Theme
  7. Thunder’s Theme
  8. Rash’s Theme
  9. Spinal’s Theme
  10. Hisako’s Theme
  11. Kim Wu’s Theme
  12. Agano’s Theme

Someone may sell there disk, or maybe MS will release a stand alone disk…

Rip to flac or buy mp3 if you want it digital

Kind of bummed the rest of the season 3 cast themes are not on there.

Curious have you tried putting the game disk in the cd player?

No, I haven’t tried that.

No Gargos theme?!!! This is an outrage!! The main reason I bought this was because I expected season 3 soundtrack! :rage: :disappointed_relieved:

I’m legit upset/disappointed with the soundtrack disc. F**k! Lol

Yeah, was really hoping for the Eyedol theme myself.

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I supposed there will be a separate soundtrack. I will wait.

At least tusk is there.

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The accuracy lol

Are you TROLLING? Rukari said it has all tracks on stream lol

Nope I heard that too…not sure why he said that. I hope I’m wrong!

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Alright thanks, that’s weird, maybe we can ask him

Hey man honest question. Can you please tell me if the bonus content is worth it and what we all really get?

Probably won’t watch the video stuff for a while, as it’s asking me to download the entire 40GB again when I have the digital installed.

Code for skin isn’t working yet and the soundtrack cd has select tracks.

Having the original KI and KI 2 is nice if you didn’t get them with the ultimate seasons earlier.

I wanted a physical copy for the shelf, so the rest is gravy.