Killer instinct Crash to desktop

Hello, all of you I write this topic because I recently underwent crash in this game, I had to reinstall the game several times but nothing has changed since, always a crash to desktop, Solo crash mode, multiplayer crash fashion fashion tests of crash performance … nothing to do all crash !! then would you be able to help me overcome this problem please thank you in advance

Is your current Windows 10 updated? I know they recently had several patches, some of which may factor into the Xbox app. Also, are you able to run other games just fine, or is it exclusive to KI?

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Hello and thank you!
Yes windows pro 10, is a day and the other games of the Xbox app works very well. Currently I have solved the crash problem was that my video card is a 2GB GTX460 2win dual gpu and my sli was on, so I disabled my sli only for killer instinct and now everything works. But I encounter another problem that is to say that I can not connect to the multiplayer I can only play in single player, and I can not join or invite someone in a lobby. In the Xbox app it tells me the address Teredo is not obtained, it is possible that you have problems with the multiplayer mode and chat group. I tried to shut down and restarted Teredo and even uninstall and reinstall restart the pc, but without success. So basically I paid the crash problem was that the game does not seem like a sli gpu, but now I have a problem with the multiplayer in relation to the Teredo address in the settings section / network of xbox application. Here is ! thank you in advance for your help !

Gamertag: GoldenEye007Qc
Name: Jean-luc

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, I’m not part of a technical team by any means. Just a regular person who play on a similar experience.

With that said, I wonder if it can be related to the way you have your network connected. That is that it can be associated with the Teredo Network or a communication error with the firewall.

I recommend that you take a look into this guide to see if the suggested information provides you with an efficient solution.


ahh OK !

i look this,and test this.

Thank you for your help is apreciate

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