Killer Instinct Community - Content Sharing Initiative

As many of you know, I have been around the KI community for a little over two years now, having first reconnected with KI after purchasing my Xbox One in March/April of 2014. I didn’t understand KI’s mechanics originally, and played it extremely casually until catching the EVO 2014 stream, while listening to a friend give commentary and explain what was happening (overheads, combo mechanics, command grabs, etc).

I was hooked immediately, and started to devour various KI content wherever I could find it. I watched Max’s KI videos on Youtube, streams of various pros, even just whoever happened to be streaming KI at the time. The large and/or pro streamers are great ways to watch KI, but sometimes watching a pro isn’t incredibly informative for newer players; this is typically not a malicious thing, just a consequence of the gulf between the streamer’s experience and that of a newcomer.

This past weekend, I spent a fair amount of time NOT playing KI, because while wandering through the KI Twitch streams, I found myself watching a couple streams which were marked as “KI Beginners”. I spent this time viewing KI from a different angle than I have for a while. While I’m no pro, I know enough about the game and spend enough time watching high level play that I forget the pure enjoyment one can have just inside the KI gate. While watching these streams, I simply hung around and offered tips, advice, and praise to the newer players as requested, and it felt like the beginners really appreciated having help or guidance.

In order to further encourage the growth of our beginner-to-intermediate KI community members, I would like to propose the Content Sharing Initiative here on the forums; a living, voluntarily updated list of the Killer Instinct community members who wish to get the names and addresses of their streams and content archives out to more folks within the KI community, or announce the current or upcoming start of a stream in order to gather more viewers and Lobby match participants!

Our pro/high play level community members are encouraged to participate here as well; post your streams or content archives. Join the streams of newer members who post here (or who simply stream) and give them the benefit of your experience without backseat driving too much. Host a lobby specifically for newer members to play in on your channel. Hell, even join in some of their matches for some hands-on instruction if they ask for it!

By supporting our fledgling Killers, you are not only growing the community and spreading the word about Killer Instinct, but who knows; maybe the guy or girl whose stream you’re currently choosing to support will end up being a hot-shot at a tournament in the future!

When listing your Content Archive information, please use the following template. These Content Archives will be collected in my second post in this thread, and your original post removed (in order to keep the thread clean).

Your Skill Level: (Beginner, Intermediate, Killer, Pro)
Content Archive URL:
Notes About Content: (pro-aimed Tech/Lab stuff; Local play, beginners-only online matches, etc)

When listing your stream information, please use the following template. Stream posts will be left alone, in order to serve as a running tally of streamers/stream events, and so the newest-posted streams will always be among the most recent posts.

Your Skill Level: (Beginner, Intermediate, Killer, Pro)
Stream Address
Date/Time (Time Zone)
Notes For This Stream:

I’m hoping that this thread takes off, and that it can become a wealth of information for anyone looking for games or streams around a particular skill level for fun, entertainment, and furthering their understanding of Killer Instinct!


Content Archives List:

Gamertag: xSkeletalx
Your Skill Level: Intermediate-Killer
Content Archive URL:
Notes About Content: Mostly online matches recorded while playing in Ranked, with the occasional, minor “tech” clip, or casual matches recorded with friends.

I will just leave this guy here. He is doing a stream of him learning all characters

I saw his thread, it’s a cool idea! Somewhat like what I’ve been doing with my Challenges. I’m going to tag him just in case, though, because I think it’s best for people to “opt-in” rather than have a channel shared here which they aren’t looking to share.


Gamertag: Galactic Geek
Your Skill Level: Killer
Content Archive URL: N/A
Notes About Content: While I don’t have a site and/or a stream per se’ (my connection doesn’t allow for it sadly, otherwise I would), I spend a great deal of time playing the game and teaching others how to play via Xbox Live, and I do this daily, and am well known for it within the community for doing so - I’m available most weekends and on weekdays by appointment. Message me on XBL, if you’re interested in learning hands-on, 1-on-1, with a friendly face that won’t rough you up (unless requested).

Gamertag: TheRagingMick
Your Skill Level: Beginner
Stream Address
Date/Time (Time Zone) Fridays: 8-12pm est (work permitting) Sat-Sun 12pm-8pm est
Notes For This Stream: Up until recently I streamed a variety of content. But I got bit by the KI bug and that’s pretty much what I’m streaming currently. My hope is to stream my progression through Bronze to Killer. Having Lobby matches with other beginners to learn from each other & help one another improve. Taking tips from more skilled players and applying those to our game play. The goal overall is for us to have fun while we learn and in the end hit the Killer ranks.