Killer Instinct Comics

It’d be nice to get some more detail on the current story of KI and its characters. The MKX comics are really interesting in how it expands the lore of the game and I wouldn’t mind KI getting a similar treatment.

I know there used to be old ones but those don’t really factor in the new timeline.


Yea I agree. We were told all this backstory of characters in season 2 when they were revealed on the forums, but not alot of it really made it’s way into the story mode (still waiting to see what exactly happened to Ben Ferris’ search in Ultratech that lead to him actually becoming Cinder). While I really like the story mode, there’s obviously lots of stuff that hasn’t been explored, even more so with season 1 characters, since it looks like most backstories were based off the assumption it was a kinda sequel to the first game (what with the mentions of previous tournament participants and Jago trying to purge Gargos’ spirit from him and stuff like that), but it looks like that’s been retconned. Well, it’s hard to tell.

Either way, I think comics would probably be the best way to both clarify the games canon timeline and possibly flesh out the backstories that were briefly mentioned in either character reveals or in Story mode. I’d be cool with books or something too, but comics would be so much cooler lol. I really hope this idea is considered by the officials, because I feel like the KI universe (having an awesome interesting and diverse cast) really has lots of potential in the story department, but only really gets to scratch the surface in the games story modes.

So yea, hope I wasn’t too redundant, but I really like this idea, and hope at least something similar is considered. Maybe even a lore book, like an encyclopedia or something, I dunno lol

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Now that it seems Microsoft are upping the budget on KI (i.e figures, t-shirts, pins, season 3, guest characters) I’d LOVE to see a KI comic, one thing I love about this franchise is the lore so a monthly comic would be welcome!


MK has the luxury of being own by WB which owns DC so it was easy for them. They were KI comics back in the 90’s

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It is true that KI did have its own comics, but some of the stories just…didn’t make sense to me, even when I search and look at them on the Internet. Perhaps if they make the comics how it really started and leading up to the reboot, it could make sense

I am making a KI Fan-Comic called Killer Instinct Omega. I posted a thread for it already, you can submit ideas for background characters and offer to assist in artwork.

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Yea, I basically want new comics that not only elaborate on the story in the games themselves, but also explore the backstorys of the characters and events before the game, so as to specify what exactly has and hasn’t happened in this new storyline, as well as flesh out the well made storys and motivations of each character.

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Hell yeah, my thought exactly! :sunglasses: :smile: You must have read my mind too :wink:

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I just purchased the remaining 3 comics that I did not have. Mile High comics has them all and in near mint condition…on Ebay. only 2.50 - 6$ a piece!!! I got the remaining 3 for 24$ total and free shipping on 2 of them! All 3 in near mint condition!

So now I have the Nintendo power mini , the first set of 3 and the 2nd set of 3. Plus the Ultra fan book, KI1 strategy guide and the KI2 strategy guide.

My collection is now complete!

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Seeing all the expanding backstories from every character, wonder if they’ll make comics for them.

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I would love that. Pretty much every time I’m reading one of the backstories I imagine it playing out in a comic :sweat_smile:

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Or even better as graphic novels :wink: :smile:


I really think there is a possibility, though I’m not going to hold my breath. MS has commissioned a lot of swag since the launch, so I don’t think that it is out of the question that a comic could happen if the community wants it.

That being said, IDK how expensive a comic run would/could be. All I can say is that I’d pay for that.


I’m not a comic guy, but when MKX had a comic run I bought every issue. I’d do the same for KI.

Fileminco and I both have the Novel created and ready to print for personal use. He was able to print his in Italy…I wasnt able to get it done so far with book baby here in the US. I gave up after the ordeal with them so I may try another company again.

But you can make your own novel yourself if you put the work in to it.