Killer Instinct Character Survey


that’s an idea…or maybe they throw the time travel aspect into it…


“Shall we play again, tipyeléhne?” she asked. “I like this game of yours. I am good at guessing.”

Eagle ignored her. ARIA noticed there were five bones from the stick game arrayed in a pattern. She knew this was a significant number in Nez Perce mythology.

“Or maybe you could tell me a Coyote Story,” she went on, referring to the Nez Perce tales about animals and people.

Eagle looked up at her and frowned. “Go away,” he said coldly. “I know who you really are. You’re ARIA. And I’m your prisoner. I am toyaaxnin—hypnotized. I am in the Dream Country.”

ARIA was taken aback. Eagle’s consciousness had never given any indication that he knew that he was imprisoned and living in a simulated world.

“What do you mean?” she asked innocently. “We are friends.”

“My weyekin told me the truth,” he said and pointed at the sky where a bald eagle was circling. “My spirit guide said he is coming for me soon. And you can’t stop him.

EAGLE??? #8
I don’t see him being a guest, since we have knowledge of him and that his brother Thunder is looking for him…


In KI defense it is so hard to come up with something truly original now a days. Pretty much everything has been done before. Now a days everything is either heavily inspired by something or is an amalgamation of many other things. But KI aims to breath new life into a character by reimagining the character and giving new cannon and lore.

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Dude, KI takes every that is cliche and generic and makes it fresh!


its strange… on one hand i agree with you on KI taking cliche and generic stuff and making it fresh but on another hand when looking at fighting games on a whole the cast of KI is extraordinarily unique and not at all cliche(well except for tj and kim wu and jago in some aspects)

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I think it’s safe to say a lot of the KI roster is made up of generic concepts; a werewolf isn’t very unique, but Sabrewulf as a character, combined with his moveset IS unique.


as a concept yes but as a concept frequently used by other fighting games? not so much. other than darkstalkers i have problems thinking of another fighting game with a werewolf in it. maybe bloody roar?

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The important part of what he said regarding lovecraftian is the “unknowable horror” aspect of it. We can’t explain it, we can’t describe it, and it’s our doom.


I think IG’s execution is what keeps the tropey characters from feeling cliche. Here are a few that sound cliche without any other information:

  1. Ancient monster-killing barbarian
  2. Vampire
  3. Werewolf
  4. Single-minded death machine
  5. Ancient War Golem
  6. Rogue Special Agent
  7. Human Torch
  8. AI that fosters evolution by killing people
  9. Athlete who fell from grace and now wants redemption
  10. Teenage smartass who can save the world

Then, you look at their animations, listen to their music and voice work, and read their backstories, and suddenly they are extremely interesting.


And to think that’s one of the most vile and popular monsters of the group.


Kim Wu? :slight_smile: Who does one have to main to hate her? I main RAAM, who arguably has the easier time during that matchup. I think the Human Torch is the most vile monster of the bunch :slight_smile: And the mummy, but I didn’t include the mummy in that list for some reason.


I wasn’t saying anything about Kim Wu…just teenagers.


lol oh yeah. shudders


@xSkeletalx @HailFireSpawn
Ki is the game mixes these concepts together.

You find most of these concept sin games mostly related to that one concept.

You don’t see a Werewolf vs Dinosaur match up in any other game. Let alone a boxer fighting a crazy Skeleton.


Kangaroo vs. Dinosaur boxing fight only exists in Tekken, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Was that a legit Dino or a dude in a suit like KoF


Sabrewulf in KI is a self homage by Rare.

There’s also a Sabrewulf game in gameboy advance

sabrewulf for the spectrum, sabrewulf from the gameboy, and sabrewulf from KI they derive from the same mythos.

So yes, Sabrewulf is a guest in 1994 KI. A self guest, if you wish. You can choose to not believe it, it doesn’t make it any less true. Facts are out there, check them if you really want to learn about lore.


I own that game through Rare Replay - I already know all about it… Also, the description you just gave proves that the character’s name is Sabreman, not Sabrewulf. Sabrewulf is the name of the character in KI, but the name of the game above, not the character, which means they’re 2 entirely seperate things.

So, you’ve got the games, Sabrewulf and Killer Instinct, and the characters Sabreman and Sabrewulf. :wink:


A guy in a suit for sure.

Yeah, it does but KI opens up more possibilities for just about any match up, even a Raptor vs a vampire.


Omg you guys are sooooo sneaky wtih Eyedol on the choice list :stuck_out_tongue:

NOW we just need those final stages