Killer Instinct Character Survey


We need the Community’s help in shaping the future of Killer Instinct.

Raven Manuel Answers survey
Instead of shadow orchid, shadow fulgore, sharp tj combo etc
Killer Instinct community survey, its important

Finally I get to bury Eyedol.


I put it some training mode suggestions in the feedback. Tried to explain how Tekken’s training mode works and some of the stuff from there would be great for teaching people how to manual in KI.


Make KI Great Again!

Vote 1 Eyedol!!!


Voted and submitted.

Hopefully everyone in our forum community (and the KI community in general) does the same!


Bury my arse everyone vote for Eyedol!


I really like a lot of these options (I also really dislike some, but mostly positive.) I’ll keep quiet for the sake of voter anonymity… apart from the fact that I’d rather have Eyedoll than another Halo guest. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much, @developers for taking our thoughts into consideration. Hope to see more stuff like this gong forward. You dudes are the best.


Character stages
Character stages
Character stages


I have a feeling my feedback might be void. I was voting for characters, accidentally put one in the wrong spot and refreshed to start over, hopefully that does not count as voting twice.

I love just about all of the character choices. Eyedol, Wendigo, Lovecraftion, Djiin…yes please!!!


Who is talking about my main man Eyedol?? :sunglasses: Vote wisely you guys… please :frowning: :heart:


Eyedol is by far the character I want most in the game, but eagle and a wendigo are cool options. The only guest character in the survey I’m interested in though is Joanna dark, maybe replace the other two with Skourge from Gears and a Feral Zombie from state of decay? They just fit more as KI characters, especially more than a crackdown agent.

  1. Does this mean that none of these guys is the 8th character?
  2. Eyedol season 4 boss.
  3. Make them all.
  4. One stage per character.



the reimanged characters confused me… a little bit… I’m guessing they will be in the same vain as shajo?


It’s still possible one of these is the 8th character, I mean it would be pretty suspicious is eydol, eagle or another character heavily talked about for season 3 wasn’t on the survey list.


Very interesting survey. I really wish people would drop the stages thing, though. It takes so much money and work to make them and that time would be better spent on a bunch of other features.

I put my top vote for Eagle, as well as a rushdown Glacius. I would really love to see what they could do with those characters. Though Kelvin is a very stupid name for a rushdown Glacius lol.

Also, more colors and costumes would be awesome.


Stages are really expensive I dont think people understand that. Good stuff sonic <3


Is there anyone missing?


Does this survey mean that S4 is confirmed?

Eyedol + new stages plz.

Glacius is rushdown already…


I don’t think so


I say master chief


I voted for no more un-necessary content, and just general polish all around, with maybe some new gameplay modes.