Killer Instinct Character Music Series by Sasuke 99I

This is my first music video. Due to Fulgore getting a lot of laser changes in S3(sort of),I decided to make a little memory video for S2 Fulgore. What do you think? Quality is a bit low ad any feedback is appreciated. Edit:Don’t watch in full screen or the low quality will be more obvious. Edit 2:This will be a place for a series of character music videos.

Should definitely work on getting any future videos to a higher resolution. Putting the song in the description is also recommended. Other than that good stuff.

Thanks. I was using twitch to record and my internet sucks so you know how that turned out. Next time,I will use game Dvr to record the replays(Still it sucks) and hopefully it will be 480p.

iirc Game DVR records in 720p/60fps

Ok then. Should I do Riptor or Omen next? Omen has the demonic despair potential but Riptor has all these mix ups. I can’t decide between them for the next one.

One of the Uchiha’s favourite hobbies before they got slaughter by one of their kind lol

Lol yep. Making Killer Instinct videos is one of them. Also Shadow Jago is next. If you want a tease of what is to come,I can give you a tease. In fact,a tease will come after each video from now on.

Yay. The Shadow Jago video is halfway done. Here is a very small tease right now.

It is time tor revive this thread with a new addition. @GalacticGeek I think you will like the next one and the end of this video. @everyone any advice will help


It’s been forever since I heard that tune! Beautiful tease, BTW. :slight_smile:

That music reminds me of Dong Dong Never Dies :stuck_out_tongue:

The teaser or other video.

The Shadow Jago video

Oh ok. I don’t even know what Dong Dong never die even is.

It’s a legit fighting game and the most fun and hilarious. Watched it on Maximillian’s stream and laughed so hard

Guess what guys. Aganos is here.