Killer Instinct can be Microsoft's King of Fighters

A ton of people are saying they don’t want guest characters in KI, but I have an idea that could possibly extinguish the flame…

What I mean by making KI similar to KOF doesn’t mean gameplay, but concept… sorta.

SNK’s KOF series has many original characters as well as an original story, but KOF also has characters from Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Ikari Warriors ect… So I propose KI being kinda similar, with the focus on the main game and story, but could also include characters from other Microsoft games (Like Perfect Dark, Wizards & Warriors, Tao Feng, Kakuto Chojun, Gears, Halo ect…). KI is kinda like that already, Saberwulf had his own game before KI existed.

Just wondering if anybody was open to this idea, characters that didn’t originate in KI but could have their own touch to the story without messing their own or KI’s cannon, think parallel universe.


I think that at that point they should just release a Smash like game. Even with Assist on it’s pretty obvious by new twitch streamers that they have no clue what they are doing. In order to get main stream success they shouldn’t even shoe horn all of those characters in KI because it’s still a complicated fighting game. In order to have a new game with all those characters in it they should simplify the game mechanics more.

Personally I think it would be cool if they made a game with all the characters in the style of Xmen Legends and Marvel Ultimate alliance. The mashing in those games is fun and usually just works. Also the special abilities are just holding down two buttons. They can also try to do a game like Smite/Gigantic/Fable Legends. Mobas are all the rage now a days and even shooters are going that route.

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I think that @CRIS178 is right in regards to how KI may be too complicated for such an idea - being able to come up with unique mechanics for each and every guest character would become increasingly harder with each new addition (it probably is now).

That being said, I know many would be upset if KI went in that kind of direction, but I, for one, would not be among them. With the basic game mechanics of the game already in place (comboes, combo-breakers, and counters), I think it would be awesome to see such characters realized in a true fighting game.

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To this point but mixing with @CRIS178 - I’d rather it be a different game, in title, while having mechanics similar to KI. It could even use the same engine as the current KI title, but I’d like my chocolate and peanut butter separate, as it were.

…and I’d be okay with that too.

I’m perfectly comfortable with guest characters and I think your suggestion is a perfectly good one. I don’t see people who are opposed to guests being swayed by it, though.

One thing is that the KOF cast are all (or largely?) pulled from other SNK fighting games, which have a reasonable approximation of a shared universe to begin with.

Also, do you really mean Ikari Warriors? I remember this as a late 80’s arcade game that was a top down shooter using a joystick and aiming knob to turn your gun. This was a precursor to the twin stick shooter design. There was a pretty rotten NES version.

This is exactly what I want Killer Instinct to be. I agree with the OP completely. I think they should have gone guest character heavy from the start. They aren’t trying to make the next MK with the story, so add the guest characters and make the story work in whatever way you can. Having a Halo, GoW, Scalebound, Witcher, Metal Gear, Assassin’s Creed, I’m just saying whatever guests you can possibly get from major games and add them. People would love that. I know the hardcore KI wouldn’t but as long as they get their original 13 its fair.

This, precisely. Do we want KI to grow, or fizzle out on for the old school purists? Because guest characters open possibility for growth. Like them or not, they offer something to pique the interests of those otherwise disinterested.

And be real, if you didn’t already care about (or know about) KI lore, would new totally original canon characters appeal to you? Unlikely. A character from that other thing you like/love appearing in something you hadn’t heard of or weren’t interested in? Different story.

Essentially, guests are good for business. Trash talking the devs for being proactive for the growth of their product and community? Not really good for anything.

None of this is directed at any individual.

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