Killer Instinct becoming an afterthought?

I just came from the forums, where many people there are excited for Rocket Leage, since, according to them, today is the day where that game becomes cross-playable on Xbox One and PC. They even state a quote from the devs of that game about how they’re so excited that Rocket League will be the FIRST cross-playable XB1 game with PC - and that’s what concerns me. Is KI really such an afterthought from the general public that even other developers don’t realize the milestones our favorite fighter and the devs associated with it have achieved?

I’m probably worrying too much about this, but I do have my concerns. Add to this the fact that if you look at the top free to play games on the Xbox Games Store, KI happens to be right above Project Spark, which just had an announcment that its own servers will soon be completely discontinued due to its lack of support from the community.

Then again, and on a more positive note, we have MS’ own Phil Spencer saying that Killer Instinct will indeed live on.

What do you guys think of this matter?

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Honestly, you are worrying too much. KI having cross-play is great and all, but it is only with windows 10 PCs. Rocket League’s cross play is between xbox and Steam, which is a much bigger deal since it is two different gaming platforms entirely.

KI is still growing in popularity, and we keep getting new people to try the game, so I think we are doing all right.


They’re both big platforms. There are a LOT of Win10 PCs out there, especially since it’s free to many people who own previous Windows platforms. While I won’t deny that Steam is huge, Win10 itself shouldn’t be considered an afterthought either.

the answer is no.

lol KI has made LOTS of money!

but it will never be rocket league mainly due to it being a fighter!

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I’m not denying that the Win10 crowd is big, but it is still under Microsoft. Steam is completely separate from Microsoft and that is what makes the rocket league cross play a huge deal.

You can’t really take a forum climate - any forum climate really - and try to extrapolate much from it.

No worries GG - people are playing KI, more than ever :smiley:


You make that sound like its a bad thing… It’s not (although I understand what you mean about it possibly not having as big of a reach as Steam does).

Regardless of the climate of KI, I’ve been doing my part - if I fight a random stranger, who was friendly, persistantly stayed for more than 5+ fights, and whom was not altogether skilled, I offer them advice, shower them with appreciation, and direct them both to this site and to - so that will hopefully be enough to help grow the community and its own skill, knowledge, and appreciation of the game, so that they can in turn, do the same in the future for someone else. :slight_smile:

Oh not at all, I didn’t mean to make it sound like it was a bad thing. It is just not as big a deal as a cross play with steam is. Linking Win10 players with Xbox players wouldn’t be too hard programming wise since Win10 players use Microsoft accounts just like xbox players do. It is a lot harder to link up with players using other types of accounts, which is why the rocket league cross play is so interesting and it may pave the way for cross play in the future with other platforms such as EA Origin, Playstation, and maybe even Nintendo.

Whoa, the Xbox compatibility for Rocket League comes out today? That’s pretty awesome.

Looks like it’s still gonna be just private matches (ie, people on Steam + Xbox can’t group up and do public games against random teams, it all has to be within the party), but that’s still pretty cool.

Yeah the steam to xbox crossplay is just simply a much bigger deal than xbox to Windows 10, it really is a first in a way KI isn’t.

As awesome as KI is, yes, it is an afterthought. At least compared to a successful game like Rocket League or even Halo.

KI isn’t really in a mainstream league yet and the best thing anyone knows about the game is “C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker”. Maybe one day it will be a mainstream name but I doubt that will happen in the next few years.

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I’d have to think that people in MS recognize what guys like Adam Isgreen, IG, and the community have done to take KI and grow it to the point that it’s grown. We’ve seen that six million unique users number, which sounds great to me, but is that great to MS? Does that mean season 4 is a done deal and back up the money truck to IG?

We still don’t have much in the way of a reference as to what that six million unique users number means within the hierarchy of Xbox products. Is KI set for a few more years of content and support? One more year? Is this the final season? Will it be a bigger point of emphasis at E3? Smaller? Non-main stage?

I know that the people at MS who focus on this game do a fantastic job. I fully believe that. Same goes for Iron Galaxy, no question. But when you leave the KI planet and journey to the heart of the Xbox universe, I can’t help but think that our little area of MS-verse is still rather small and perhaps a bit smaller than it should be given the success this game has experienced.

I’m sure part of it is reach. No physical copies (after season one), niche genre, etc. But while I fully admit to my own bias, I can’t help but think that Killer Instinct is a marketable brand and that this brand should be higher up in the hierarchy. Maybe not on the same level as Halo and Gears, but maybe on that second tier with Forza and Fable.

Of course, I’m sure there are plenty of people at MS that think KI gets enough attention. That doesn’t stop me from thinking it could always use more, not just because I enjoy it, not just because it’s one of the few games in the genre MS has, but because it’s a legitimately fantastic product that more people should know about and (hopefully) get in to.

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I say Microsoft is f****n up in not giving a bigger budget to KI. For more content, more advertisements. Ps4 now has street fighter and King of fighters. Shouldn’t they be trying to make KI reach its full potential? More stages, all classic characters eyedol is missing up till now, ultimates, tv ads, etc

The people on the forums are kind of in their own little bubble, its not surprising they don’t know what they’re talking about.

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Does rocket league have motorcycles?

You gotta look at it from their perspective. Are fighting games really so important out of everything that is Microsoft?

Better then the 95% of the FPS market.

Those games are known to sell better. It sucks, but that’s how it is.

Most FPS’ are commerical success. But as games alot of them fail pretty badly. Best example is CoD. Huge commerical success just huge. But as an actual game? Pft, talk about a complete and utter failure…

Yet many people still buy them.

Again, it sucks.

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