Killer Instinct as other type of games Ideas

What other type of game would be cool as a K.I game thats not a fighting game?

I think Killer Instinct would be cool as a Warrior game like Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors, Hyrule Warriors.
What Type of games would you guys think K.I would cools as?

The KI world would make a good overwatch style shooter, a little cartoony and not to much blood. Would be awesome to run around blasting each other with Fulgore, Riptor and Orchid in a crazy arena style hero shooter.

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Side scroller arcade game like streets of rage or golden axe.

Story is simple; same situation as Shadow Lords only thing is you’re limited in character choice to alliance characters. Evil/Ultratech characters are you’re end of level bosses and normal mobs of enemies are generic versions of Gargos cultists, Fulgore mass-production models, Sadira’s disciples, Riptor’s stalker rejects, mimics, shadows etc.

It could also follow the branching model from guardian heros and key actions/choices can decide the next stage and could even decide the final boss you face.

Maybe the items and guardians from Shadow Lords could be integrated too. Additionally, the ‘emergency portal’ style missions from SL could be a way to surprise players with sudden mini-boss invasions during levels.

Come on IG, this is almost too easy for you guys to make a simple buck on a £15 arcade game.


This idea has been done before and worked out very, very badly. (MK Mythologies) So I would be careful about assuming it’s so simple that it’s a no brainer. I’m sure the characters could translate well, but it would take some work to make the game actually good.

Looking at the MK spinoff games I’d say their major downfall was that they seemed to follow the trap of lore> fun. They seemed like they really made them more to flesh out the MK world more than make an enjoyable game.

I think if they were to do a KI side game, they would need to make sure the lore of the game or other key aspects players may consider “core” to the KI experience don’t get in the way of a good time. If they can do both, great, awesome! If not, focus on fun.

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I would love to play a Killer Instinct game in style of Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks.

Actually I think it would be a good idea to develop game like this between this KI2013 and potential sequel.

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A turn based JRPG!!! :imp:

runs for the hills

Then again Square actually did a Quasi-Turn based RPG with Dissydia…


I don’t know why, but I really want to see the pretty boy Jago model now that would be featured in the KI JRPG.

Because the main character is always going to be a too-pretty, androgynous male.

You’re right! I always thought Jago was rather whiny like Tidus! :smiley:

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Something similar to mortal kombat shaolin monks.

I think killer instinct could work as a Mortal Kombat shoalin monks type game but doesn’t have to be told from the perspective of just two characters. They could even use the lore of the original two games and or the current one and have different skins and as unlocks and still have items shadow Lord’s that u find during the game as power ups . Along with all the ultimate s and ultra s.

I think that KI could do well with a 3D beat em up like MK Shaolin Monks. Start with Jago and Orchid and maybe unlock other characters that can be used. Have them gain special moves, power them up, etc.

You can have ultratech suits, other experiments, etc as the regular cannon fodder and use characters like Fulgore, Riptor, Cinder, Sadira, etc as earlier bosses. Then have the story go from the KI tournament all the way through the Gargos invasion and have Eyedol, Shadow Jago, Omen etc as bosses with Gargos acolytes, mimics and shadow characters as additional cannon fodder.

Obviously more can be done here for variety’s sake, but there could be branching paths, optional side quests leading to other bosses like Mira, Kan Ra, Spinal etc, tag team moves, ultimates, and tons of stuff to unlock.

I could also see a KI JRPG. I don’t think it’s particularly hard to turn any game IP in to a JRPG provided there are a few story / lore elements and I think this game has more than enough.

But yeah, start out with Jago, Orchid and Thunder as they’re traveling to the KI tournament. Have them recruit other characters during the early/mid chapters like TJ Combo, Maya, Tusk, Kim Wu, then later when the story changes from ARIA being the big bad guy to Gargos, you recruit, Sadira, Fulgore, Cinder, Kan Ra, and ARIA.

There could be side story characters like Wulf, Fulgore, Eagle, Aganos, Hisako (who becomes Shin Hisako), Glacius, etc that enter your party and leave once their story conclude, or perhaps some stick around.

Maybe give the player the ability to create two parties after the invasion starts and send them out on different story paths, where they fight battles, advance their plotlines, search for things needed to destroy Gargos, gain levels and tech and what not, and they cross paths again at key points in the story.

Maybe you have a Nightguard faction with one Ultratech character and an Ultratech faction with one Nightguard character, and the teams trade fighters at various times to advance certain sub plots.

The game could be both turn-based and fighting game-based, so certain areas will force you to fight one way or the other. But it could have a lot of the RPG genre ideas, like Instinct Mode could be a sort of Final Fantasy limit break status where they get to do a really cool move that does a lot of damage, but you unlock several instinct mode buffs or attacks throughout the game.

Characters could have certain jobs that reflect their in-game abilities, perhaps only characters with projectiles can use spells, shadow moves could have different elements attached to them, there can be multi-team member moves, characters could learn ultra combos and ultimates, perhaps you can call in assist characters.

There could be a gauge that charges during the match where your team spends points in a pool to do certain actions like Skies of Arcadia, so a leaping slash would cost X amount, shadow leaping slash would cost X+2, Sabrewulf’s ultra would cost X+40 or whatever.

Man, I would freaking write that story just to see that game happen. :slight_smile:

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It would be cool to see KI as a ninja game similar to Ninja Gaiden 2 or Metal Gear Rising, playing as Jago and fighting bosses such as Shadow Jago, ARIA and Gargos as the final boss

This is actually a very reasonable idea. See Project X Zone for a somewhat cheesy but very functional and somewhat fun to play jrpg that includes lots of fighting game characters.

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Killer Instinct kart!

…just throwing it out there…where else would Microsoft get as many diverse characters for a kartgame to compete with Nintendo :sweat_smile:


Jago is not main character story wise…

Mass Effect Styled Killer Instinct :yum: :thumbsup:


I thought he was

Well it is kind of unclear. IMO he is as important to story as Ryu in most SF games.

For example, Ryu is the poster boy and fighting system staple of SF2, but he does not play big role in the story.

Similarly with Jago in KI2013 - he is one of most popular chaarcters, but story-wise, he kinda… minds his own “soul corruption” business. If I recall correctly he agreed to help Orchid fight Ultratech and Gargos only because they are family.

Actually Tusk and Kim Wu seem more protagonistic.

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Good observation, I wonder if @TempusChaoti could chime in on this. Who is the main protagonist of KI?