Killer Instinct and the end of my journey

Hello guys. I’ve been playing KI for around two years. I started after Riptor got released but before Omen did. KI got me hooked. It was something special to me. The game changed a lot over the years. However, it also had a negative influence on me. I’ve been playing KI too much. I feel that my grades in school are suffering. It also caused me to not focus on other things that are really more important than KI. Because of this, I decided to stop playing KI. It was fun while I was here but I will have to stop. The community is really nice but I feel as if I have to go now. Fight on guys! :smiley:


This is becoming an odd trend.
Well, bye then.

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It’s April fools.


deletes original post

Yeah of course! It’s an April Fool’s joke! Everyone knows that thats today.



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I legit never spend any time on april fools.

Sorry peeps.

April fool’s , this dude would never quit KI

I’m agree with you. I don’t want to play KI anymore because Kim Wu is so OP. Why didn’t they nerf her?!?

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April Fools!

I need to stop coming to the forums today, I don’t know what I can believe until the silliness passes.

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Gg’s bro. KI 2013 was a nice trip.

Like what?

At least its a departure on a positive note. Nut hey its April fools day.

I have a guess…

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