Killer Instinct Academy

It may have changed in s3 but previously you were invulnerable when you came back up before you could cancel into anything (so the first vulnerable frame when reappearing was the first cancellable frame, so cancelling into influence would keep you throw invulnerable, shadow orz keeps you projectile invulnerable, etc). This might have changed in s3 but I honestly doubt it.

As for what to do: no idea, when I played a Hisako I generally tried jumping over and caught a cr.hp for my troubles. I have not tried finding a permanent solution yet.

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Yeah - probably just error on my part.

Yeah if she has the read on your jump, things can get ugly - especially now with flip-out and a jump-cancelable AA Rekka.


If you’re just absolutely terrified of what she’ll do when she comes out of her teleport, just jump forward once you see her going into descent. You’ll land reasonably far from her and she won’t really be able to punish you for it. Hisako terrifies me, so that’s what I do just out of habit. :joy:

What I think you should do, however, is low attack her in the face (or knees or whatever). Descent, even the faster version of it, is not a safe mixup tool, and although Hisako technically has answers for anything you can do, she is actually pretty unlikely to actually guess correctly on that. Mix up your punishes, but by all means go for them.

If I’m using descent to get in (which is a bad sign in the first place), my first attempt is generally just to see “how does this particular player react?” After that first time I’ll start to go for follow-ups and such based on how you reacted, but to start off with I’m usually just fishing for what I should do on the next time. So keep those punishes nice and varied, and generally try to make Sako pay when she tries to shortcut her way across the screen.


So very true. And definitely don’t be afraid to punish. I think people get afraid to punish because they fear a vengeance counter after the teleport - but even as a Hisako that uses Descent like a madman (quote @STORM179: “That move isn’t as good as you’re making it look”), I almost never counter after it unless I’m 99.99% sure not only that you are going to hit me, but also what you’re going to hit me with (a rarity).

Hi there!

I belong to the newbees that would be willing to improve a bit at KI :grin:
I already have “GalacticGeek” in my contacts, even if I didn’t have the pleasure to play with him.

I main Fulgore and Arby.

So don’t be surprised if I contact some “Veterans” to help me get better and make this community grow a little bit more as well :slight_smile:

See ya!


Add me.


Sure! thx!


Same here as a fellow Arby’s player. @DulXboxOne add me too.

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Ok sure.
But I repeat, I’m a new player hey ^^
I don’t want anybody to think that I can give great value advice :slight_smile:

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I’m new too so it’s all good. I like to have fun. :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to say I’m fine with trying to help if you feel I can.


Ye dawg. Send them new Glacius players my way!

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you can put me down as a trainer for Shadow Jago and Jago. my GT is Zero Syndicate

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Zero you want to play some games?

dnd session right now, I’ll have to jump on later. if you’re on discord when im done we can for sure

Can anyone help with some Glacius sessions this Friday or Saturday?

Just plug and play. Should work.

If for some reason you dont get an answer by then, i will help with what i can.

(Not a Glacius player)

No, does not work. Seems that only Microsoft controller are supported.

mine works and it’s not microsoft controller.