Killer Instinct Academy

I have tonight earmarked for working on videos - but tomorrow night and through the week I should be good to go. I’ll send you a message when I see you online! :smiley:

That’s sounds good to me. Today I told one of my buddy’s that I would play with him a bit. That’s the one that plays Hisako he’s new to the game and actually the one I mention in the dojo topic the other day. He’s getting pretty decent with her and she’s so god damn hard to break. Any advice on her weaknesses?

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In general:

  • She’s ironically weak to throws.
  • Easy to bait whiffed counters out of Hisako players with lesser experience (and not so hard on experienced Hisakos, for that matter)
  • In Season 3, 3K counter no longer catches lows; I’ve been eating a lot of low-pokes lately
  • Float-y jumping makes her easy to anti-air. Some Hisakos (including myself) have a tendency to want to hit very late in their jump-ins, which compounds this susceptibility.
  • Hisako is not easy to space correctly (due to slow walk speed, dashes being a risky commitment, jumping no longer regens wrath, etc) so opponents with great mobility can make if difficult for her to get optimal positioning.

Oh… and:

  • Riptor

Thanks man appreciate the advice. Like you said I can usually catch him in a low poke but that jump attack nonsense always throws me off. I’m usually a spinal main but since he’s been jumping so much I think I might play a few jago matches with him and DP his ■■■ out of the sky. :slight_smile:

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Spinal should have no problem anti-airing Hisako either! :smiley:

When we play we can go over her air normals and TK-ORZ :wink:

That would be appreciated. Yea I’ve had some success with spinal against her I usually go for the heavy soul sword. Only problem with it is if I don’t have skulls he can delay his jump and miss the first hit then I take the hit. But with the skull it works every time. Down HP doesn’t work as well as I would hope either. He always either land on top of me hitting me or right in front of the fist leaving me vulnerable. And forget about going air to air with Hisako because of that reach lol.

There’s a few characters (Omen, for instance) who can quite consistently contest her in the air - Spinal is not one of those, to my knowledge (queue @MBABanemobius popping in to show me I’m all kinds of wrong with his superior Spinal knowledge).

Lol yea he knows his stuff for sure. I was almost thinking Cinder might be able to trailblazer her but I have little experience with him and don’t know if it would trade or all out beat it.

@MrxFlutterShy - Yep, I’m still available. I’ve helped like 3-5 people so far and have enjoyed it. :wink:

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Np. Ive been wanting to learn some Riptor as well.

Nah. Trailblazer has crap priority - Hisako wrecks him in air-to-air scenarios.

To add to Marble’s advice, neutral jump on Sako’s wakeup is one of your strongest friends. And since you’re Spinal, teleport mixups into skulls is also very strong (as Hisako can’t counter projectiles and just has to block).

@Marbledecker when the heck has Omen beaten you in an air-to-air? I feel like I obliterate Omen for jumping in this fight :open_mouth:

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Well glad I asked thanks for the tip I will try that right now actually. :slight_smile:

Remind me to show you replays from a set with a fella by the name of VougishTech. I had NO idea until then. I’m going to lab it up of course but man, air-to-air was simply not an option in that set.

Be happy to watch them - unless he’s jumping right on top of you (where air-to-air isn’t viable anyway), your buttons greatly out range his. Sako’s got hurtboxes on her normals so I’m guessing well timed air normals would trade, but just can’t see Hisako losing this one cleanly o_O

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I’ll see if I can trim down the footage to just the air-to-air incidents :smiley: He’s a good omen but the rest of the set was pretty standard fare for the matchup.

I am. Just hit me up.

Would you mind fighting my Jago shadow and Spinal shadow and letting me know what you think? Been working on them both the last few days and they both have a good few matches with Hisako. Maybe if you see some things that I shouldn’t be doing in key situations you could point me in the proper direction. No rush or anything though. I would appreciate the advice.

Wow, there’s a ton of support for new players here, that’s really cool.

I’m a PC player, so I just picked up the game last week. How long should I wait before playing a set with one of you guys? My Hisako is abysmal and I don’t want to embarrass myself.

You shouldn’t wait. We aren’t here to beat you and make you feel bad, where here to guide you into playing the game.

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Hisako is one of those characters that takes a little while to really crack into - and each of the Hisako mains on this forum know this and remember their Hisakos in infancy. Nothing to be embarrassed about :slight_smile:

What do you mean by abysmal? Anything in particular you’re having trouble with?

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