Killer Instinct 4's visual artstyle

A lot of that was removed or toned down. The particle effects were a lot bigger S1, the environment would go dark when a fireball would be shot and Shadow Moves looked a lot more stylish with the after images it used to have. Not only that but Shadow Jago’s S1 Ultimate also was the best of them all.

I agree. I love the art style. Don’t change the aesthetic. It’s perfect, and it’s one of my favorite fighter aesthetics of all time. For a sequel, all I’d want would be updated tech.

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Yeah even though I think KI’s artstyle isn’t perfect I quite like it and it makes KI stand out much more.

As for cell shaded not saying it would make KI worse but just my opinion I hate cell shaded it’s personally one of my least favourite artstyles’s also personally I think anime wouldn’t go very well.

Don’t want the current art team touching it at all. I want Blizzard all over it.

My dream would be for KI4 to push graphical boundrys with CGI quality characters and stages.

Keep the art style, update textures

I prefer the current art style personally. would just like some more polish and attention to detail please.

Being honest even though there are some beautiful fighting games it’s usually not the genre to push the graphical limitations.