Killer Instinct 4's visual artstyle

With KI3 being out a few years and the Xbox One X being released very soon it would make sense for MS to start work on a sequel in the near future but my question is what should the aesthetic artstyle be for KI4?

  1. fairly realistic (MKX Injustice style)

  2. really realistic (UFC and other sports games styles)

  3. keep the exact same artstyle just with updated textures and details

  4. similar artstyle but slightly more realistic proportions

  5. similar artstyle but slightly less realistic proportions

  6. slightly realistic but slightly anime (Tekken and Final Fantasy style)

  7. other

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Art style same with updated graphing was my pick. But please not anime or realistic.

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I like the current artstyle. I just want it to be graphically better. The aesthetics are good though. ^^

I would love anime (or more like realistic anime or stylized trigger anime). But I’m a degenerate so what do I know.

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I voted similar artstyle with slightly more realistic proportions since I really like the current artstyle but I think some of the designs especially season 1’s could be a little more realistic proportioned, Thunder and Jago’s
bodies look a little off too me.

I would love a mini anime spin-off for us who enjoy it while leaving the main game untouched and improved on original formula.

Theoretically if they did make a sequel, even though I’m not counting on it any time soon… I’d assume they’d keep the same style, just improve the textures, animations, lighting, etc. No reason to drastically change the visual style at all.

If it gained an engine to support rendering of the great cgi models it’d be much better. Updated more realistic hair/ costumes

See orchid intro mouth motions/ tusk facial animations/ aria retro mouth :hushed:
Fantasies I know

So for the people who voted other what artstyle do you have in mind?

I just want it to look less kiddie.

I’d rather it be slightly anime just because visually KI is kind of bland. There is nothing separating it from MKX and Injustice.

Meanwhile Dragon Ball FighterZ literally just sold itself off the artstyle alone. Not even the Xenoverse games received that reception and those are more casual friendly.

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What? KI has a ton of stuff that sets it apart from KI and MKX. KI has tons of color, beautiful particle effects, hyper-exaggerated body types, a plethora of different tropes, etc.


Art style and intensity. The fast-paced blastng each other with energy beams that filled up half the screen every half second sold it pretty well too.

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I love KI2013’s artstyle just improve the textures and lighting to make it fun.

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Care to elaborate, I personally don’t think it looks kiddie one bit?

Eh, it’s more getting hyped because it’s a 2D fighter that can actually be taken seriously by the FGC as opposed to an arena fighter rather than it’s art style.

I think a cel shaded art style could fit ki really well tbh

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Similar art style. I like how its cell shade but its jard to tell that it is. Op tekke. Does not have the anime art style.

I find when a statement is blatantly ridiculous it’s better not to ask the person who posted it for clarification. Nothing good is likely to emerg so it’s better to just roll our eyes silently and let it pass…

As far as the poll, I would be in favor of preserving the current art style, although I’m not forcefully opposed to any other. I don’t think cell shaded or anime makes much sense based on the history of KI, but there’s plenty of cool stuff they could do with KI in any of those styles.

its the sensible thing to request and so far it seems most agree… KI style is KI style, I don’t want a Tekken, SF, UFC, MK or any other style for KI…