Killer Instinct 1 ans 2 for pc

Are we getting these for pc as well i feel like its nothing but lies when it comes to microsoft

nope. gotta get dem roms, bro. Mame up.


As of right now the OG games haven’t been announced. They are a part of the “everything” package on the X1, but were left out of the “everything” package on the PC. The reason the PC version is cheaper than the X1 version is because you get the OG games on the X1 side of things.

It is also worth noting that the OG games WERE NOT done by IG. That is more than likely why those games have not been not ported at this time.

This is fucked up man f@ck Iron Galaxy and there ■■■■-ing lies

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I’m not sure how you can say Microsoft has lied, considering the official package contents and pricing page clearly denotes that the Classic games aren’t included for PC.


they announced that like a day or 2 before the actual release date. I could go on for a while about how sloppy and last minute the pc announcements were. The community, those playing and those watching, got used to 3 years of ultra editions having those roms in there, and then 2 days before pc release they say ‘oh… um, except on pc’. boooooo dis-information.

They should port them to PC, I will buy them. It would take a little extra effort to port it to PC and add PC features but well worth it. They’ll make a profit off it for sure, especially if they put it on Steam.

Yeah I actually supported KI just for Ki1 and KI 2 now i feel i got screwed dont even play ki 3

Having an official announcement later than you’d like it to be is not the same as being incorrectly informed. I was also surprised at how long it took for the PC spec and pricing announcements, but that’s an entirely separate conversation than whether the Classics would be available on PC, especially given that the Classics are separate games, and not directly part of the modern game (meaning that you install and load up the Classics separately), though they were sold as part of a bundle WITH the modern seasons.

wont go to steam since micro$oft wants the money u still need xbox live to play on pc

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Microsoft usually hates Steam. very, very few titles are greenlighted to go over there. can’t see it happening due to politics and competing business models. Ideally MS wants everyone to be in the Win10 store and ■■■■ Steam. So… I can’t see them thinking any other way

You need to log in with an Xbox Live account, but you do not need to pay for an Xbox Live Gold subscription in order to play online on PC.

yeah but when the pc version was annouced they said everything you bought will carry over then chenge it at the last minute

Everything you own that is a direct part of KI’13 DOES carry over, including your game progress.

KI Classics are, like I said, separate games. I agree that it probably would’ve been better to specifically announce the Classics weren’t included earlier, though.

u can close this thread or delete it wont be coming back just wanted to stream 1080p on my pc instead of 720p wich is on the xbox one

yeah just really want to sell my xbox one since its just collecting dust well guess back to SFV

Microsoft seems to be changing their stance on the issue. They recently hinted they welcome cross-platform games on the ps4. Rise of the Tomb Raider is already on steam with all functionality of the Windows Store version. If Microsoft reached out to Valve I’m pretty sure Valve would work with them to get the transition to the point it would be virtually the same running a Windows Store game on Steam, with tools to streamline the process. And the money Steam makes for each sale will quickly be recouped from additional sales by being on Steam and the community market/cards/backgroundes/etc…

I know a lot of people who refuse to buy or play a game unless it’s on Steam. I don’t care how I launch a game but a lot of people do.