Killer Deal! Shago Fightstick, figure, & KI all 3 seasons

Hey everybody a good friend of mine is in a pinch and is selling quite possibly the best deal I’ve ever seen for any KI fan.
For only 200 bucks you get a custom made Shago fightstick that works on Xbox one, 360, ps3, and ps4, as well as PC. Plus he’‘s throwing in a Shadow Jago figure, as well as the code for all 3 seasons of KI ultra edtions. All that only 200 bucks!
The stick is made by StanTheMan, it has Sanwa parts and is easily moddable. I had him make me a custom stick at the end of season one after wrecking 3 controllers and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Seriously good quality and if you ever have any issues he’'s always available to help.
If I wasnt in the middle of moving into a new place I’d grab it up just to have a second one for when friends come over but I’m sure it’ll make someone in the community very happy.
Here’s the link