Killer Cuts v2?

I think we all pretty much agree that the music in Killer Instinct (2013) is… well, it’s killer! Has there been any discussion about releasing the music as envisioned by Mick Gordon, Celldweller, and Atlas Plug in physical format such as vinyl?

Few games have music structured so well with different “movements” in a track that seem so well geared for listening. It’s a shame that I have to go to YouTube to hear only a few tracks or fan-made versions (some of which are better than others).

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I agree, but I wouldn’t go to youtube, as I have both soundtracks as digital purchases. I would like to see a CD release though. Vinyls are expensive, large and require additional playing equipment. NOt to diminish the appeal of the format though.

They did a digital release for KI2013?

Season 1 and 2 have cd and digital releases of their soundtracks each also having remixed/original versions of KI 1 and 2 tracks.

No CD release as far as I know, but Itunes and amazon releases for the digital s1 and 2 osts.

ahh youre right…I could have sworn there was a physical. im not used to seeing it on amazon as just digital formats… but i went back to relook and bam its only digital.

We’re not sure what the physical soundtrack that comes with S3 DE contains as of the current time, so that CD release might still happen