Killer Classic 2 Live Right Now

Classic KI players are playing live at the MS store tournament. Bass currently there.


Nice. I’m lucky to catch it now

watchin right now!

So Bass doesnt live in TX anymore? I heard him say “I live right by the MS store so why not enter the event?” I never knew him to live in NY… cool I guess. I wonder how he affords to live there… if he has a normal day job or what?

I DIDN’T GO 0-2!

i’m happy.


Nice to see you there! :grinning: I wasn’t expecting Eyedol, it was very nice :+1::grin:


I was glad to see @ItzTymeToDul there doing commentary. It helped immensely having someone with the game knowledge to commentate. Some new faces to the scene and some wicked mix-ups.


He’s from New Jersey.

:+1: I’m glad to help man.

Hey Dul! cool to see you commentating!! :smile:

By the way, I have two questions

  1. I’m not sure I’ve seen Many before…Is he from the forums?
  2. When you say “stacked” (I think that’s the word) what do you mean? I think you said it when Rico was beaten against eanit (the Shago mirror).

Ok, nice work guys! I really enjoyed the comments and the hype n_n!!

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You mean the commentator? That’s CDJr, prominent KI player in the first two seasons.

@MandrillManiac Nice to see you competing, and enthusiastically too! Shame about the Xbox problems, but I know you can do much better if you keep at it. I hope to see you in Top 8 of Killer Classic 3 :+1:

@ItzTymeToDul Excellent commentary! I enjoy watching matches with your hype levels, combined with Mani’s made the matches much more fun to watch.

The event was awesome, and just makes me wish I had something like this locally.

  1. Mani is CDJr.

  2. Stacked meaning filled with competition.

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