KIller bracket Agano

Help me out here guys… im in killer im fighting guys with alloy of stars… and becusse i dont main tonight ive decided to be Aganos!

I get him… im ok with him… but i have nothing to rely on with him.

Does anyone else feel he needs to be buffed some how? Once eveyone knows how to play against him it becomes very hard.

He feels the only one you have to stuggle with imo

Have you visited the Aganos forum yet? There’s a lot of Aganos players there that will tell you that, for the most part, he does just fine. Play with me some time - I’d be happy to show you. :wink:

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Haha galactic u know my aganos is better than yours :blush:

We need to play again soon in the week.

I have to say i think hes rubish against high level killer games. He has bothing to rely on! Like orchid hits harder than him W.T.F lol


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Aganos can put up to 4 walls at a time - if he slams you through 1, it takes about 30% of your health automatically. Do the math 30 x 4 = you’re dead.


Guys im awful at walls seriously i always go for the sheild

Maybe thats where im going wrong.

If your clips are anything to go by, no he isn’t… :kissing_smiling_eyes:

In most cases, you’ll probably only need 1 or 2 chunks (exceptions of course if you’re fighting Kan-Ra or Riptor) - if you have more than that, that’s when I would start putting up walls.

Lol i got plenty of clips still besting you honey haha.

I was playing UA bass tonight nice chap good with aganos showed me loads. Its hard work but its all good.

Still my maya did good work on that one lol… hisako not so much

I just held my own against @Swordman09’s Cinder with my Aganos. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sadly, we lagged out mid-fight, but I had the lead on him when it happened (and got the win). smile:

Apparently XBL is having “issues” tonight. :’(

I tried to message him after the fight but that didn’t work either. :sweat:

I’ll have to send him a PM on here, I guess… :unamused:

I’ll post the clip of the partial match as soon as the issues clear up and allow me to upload it. :wink:

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That’s a useful piece of advice. I’ve been having mixed results with Aganos, but i feel like I’m getting better. The fact that he’s partially a predictable character can be used to your advantage if you know how to work it as well, I’d say.

I’ve been trying to get to Killer as well, whether I’ll manage it, we’ll see. Having trouble signing in to check my achievements though as of the time of this post.

Once the Xbox One update roles out in November, complete with some kind of screen reader access as seen in one of Major Nelson’s previews, it could mean that I can easily play sets with anyone on here for things like tech sessions. But we’ll just have to wait and see how that goes, I’m not holding up much hope for that at launch.

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Yeah, the Hisako/Aganos MU is pretty interesting. It gets super difficult real fast if you let Aganos get momentum. Works both ways though, as Aganos can also get blown up hard by her if he lets her his chunks and start playing her oki games on him in earnest.

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So true its a funny one! I think they hate each other lol

Played Paul B in a set today his Hisako vs my Aganos…let’s just say he won pretty convincingly. It’s a very tough MU against a competent Hisako player that knows how to properly punish all the tools that Aganos has.


Defenetly @CStyles45 shes got everything to take him down. When i played as hisako thought my parry timings were so off just because im used to fighting / defending against rush down characters.

Her thows took most of his bar i have to say.

Its a funny match though. I found UA Bass had a problem with my maya though most finished with supreme victorys.

Them datgers of kan ras seem to have been made to fight agaons lol

I fought Paul’s Hisako earlier this week. If I recall correctly, I was actually holding my own until the game disconnected. His Hisako though, it is scary good. :persevere: