Kilgore like and dislike?

I love Kilgore I just dislike his body cuz he looks like fulgore. I want him to look like his own character and not a copy but it not a big deal I just hope everybody in this game is in the comics and hope they come out in the next ki. I want to know what ya like and dislike

I’m not in it for the lore, and the creative sensibilities of the design team, as it turns out (I didn’t know this when I started playing) are merely flavors and icing on a delicious cake of brilliant gameplay. So, Kilgore being aesthetically 70% Fulgore and perhaps having questionable narrative value doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of this adorable square-headed gunbot one bit. Thus far I have had a blast playing with him in SL, and can’t wait for him to go live so I can hit the lab with him - he’s definitely a character I will be devoting some serious learning time to.

Honestly, I have no dislikes as of yet (maybe the abundance of super-close launch angles? i don’t really like when they touch me while falling, i guess). Once I really crack into him w/ the notebook on hand I will likely uncover little things that I don’t like about his gameplay, but right now he’s just #1A+SUPERDUPER VERY NICE in my book.


I love the design and his theme, gives off that 80s retro futuristic vibe. I dislike the fact that there isn’t enough weight to his design, mostly his legs.

I like the design. Run-down robo-fulgore whose on the verge of overheating and blowing up all the time is pretty sweet.

Gameplay wise I don’t like him. There’s not really a reason for maintaining your heat, you just fire up to the (non existant) limit. Bullet damage seems piddly, and as a result i don’t see a particular reason to actually exhaust. There seems to be only downside to exhausting, unless the explosions from overheat ball knockdown or something stopping combos. And then when you’re overheated he just goes off with the pd from bullet dash and similar. Bullet dash is just kinda goofy to me.

yeah also pretty much terminator vibe.

At least his clone-like nature makes sense in the lore, as he’s an earlier build of the Fulgore unit.

Yeah I’m a fan. Reminds me of one of the failed attempts in Robocop. Just wish Kilgore squealed like a pig whenever he was finished or knocked down. That would have been a nice homage.

With accessories I’m sure you’ll be able to change a few things on him anyway. In anyrate I look forward to Fulgore’s brother being playable

Yea that why I don’t really care that much about the look I really like him can’t Waite for him to be out

Kilgore is the most precious thing in KI. He tries so hard to keep up with the improved model, like a Commodore Amiga trying to run Doom. He’s adorably pitiful, he seems like he’s really giving his all. His intro/outro give the faceless beep boop a ton of personality right from the get go. His mechanics fit with his character really well, even if he is kinda hard to get used to and he tends to hit like kitten.
He’ll even self destruct for you!
I didn’t expect to like this character nearly as much as I do but…
Thank you , KilGIR. You’ve made life worth living


lol and Fulgore is face palming in the background XD

I kinda find a similar type of appeal coming from Kilgore as well, he is trying damn it!


I love it, but I’m a sucker for buggy, malfunctioning robot designs, like Robo Ky or Prototype Jack, so this is right up my alley.

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@Fwufikins I imagine Fulgore’s gotta look out for him, pin his mittens to his turret hands, all that.

Fulgore: Hey guys, this is my older bother Kilgore. He’s… well mom says he’s “defective” so try to be nice.

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Shadow jago looks like jago…

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I just kind of hoped they could give him fulgores old reflect I like him other then that and how he just seems weak.

That got me thinking, why did they take away fulgore’s reflect?

Likes: He looks awesome and can shoot you off the ground. He has character (Old, malfunctioning, still wants you dead even though he’s pretty broken).

Dislikes: His guns go pew pew, instead of BBBRRRRRTTTTTTT.

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I don’t like any of the Fulgore parts in him. Which are part of his looks, moves and animation sets.

However, the idea of a rusty old robot with chainguns for arms which can overheat and make the bot collapse due to errors in their system… It’s pretty funny. Kilgore as an idea is kinda neat. I just don’t like the execution of the character.

Also, that name… that Fulgore pun… it’s just… bad. XD
I see Kilgore overall as a joke character, but not in a bad way. He’s funny. I just wish IG didn’t made him a clone character, but rather his entirely unique self.

It’s the legs it’s obviously screams Fulgore and it feels somewhat unfitting in conjunction with his top half. Also the synthetic muscle fibers looks damn near brand new,Kilgores an older rust bucket isn’t he?